Home Author Randy Overbeck Promotes His Paranormal Mystery - Blood on the Chesapeake

Author Randy Overbeck Promotes His Paranormal Mystery - Blood on the Chesapeake

Press Release: July 08, 2020

Author Randy Overbeck Promotes His Paranormal Mystery - Blood on the Chesapeake

Author Randy Overbeck is pleased to announce the promotion of his paranormal mystery, Blood on the Chesapeake. This is book one in the Haunted Shores Mysteries series. Book two, Crimson at Cape May is due out in July 2020.

A Murder Mystery, a Ghost Story, and a Dangerous Romance all combine to make Blood on the Chesapeake a Suspense Thriller That You Just Cannot Put Down.

Wilshire, Maryland seems like the perfect shore town on the Chesapeake Bay—quiet, scenic, charming—and promises Darrell Henshaw a new start in life and a second chance at love. That is, until he learns the town hides an ugly secret. A thirty-year-old murder in the high school. And a frightening ghost stalking his new office. Burned by an earlier encounter with the spirit world—with the OCD scars to prove it—he does NOT want to get involved. But when the desperate ghost hounds him, Darrell concedes. Assisted by his new love, he follows a trail that leads to the civil rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and even the Klu Klux Klan. Then, when two locals who try to help are murdered, Darrell is forced to decide if he’s willing to risk his life—and the life of the woman he loves—to expose the killers of a young man he never knew.

Blood on the Chesapeake is available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

Book Details:
Blood on the Chesapeake
The Haunted Shores Mysteries, Book 1
By Randy Overbeck
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
ISBN: 978-1509223282 (print)
ISBN: 978-1509223299 (ebook)
Pages: 400
Genre: Paranormal Mystery

About the Author:
Dr. Randy Overbeck is a veteran educator who has served children for more than three decades as a teacher and school leader, winning national recognition for his work. Over that time, he has performed many of the roles depicted in his fiction, with responsibilities ranging from coach and yearbook advisor to principal and superintendent. An accomplished writer, he has been published in academia, the popular press and, more recently, in better bookstores. His first novel, Leave No Child Behind, won the 2011 Silver Award for Thriller of the Year from ReadersFavorite.com. His second novel, Blood on the Chesapeake, a ghost story/mystery released this year by the Wild Rose Press, has earned 5 STAR REVIEWS from RaeadersFavorite.com, Long and Short Reviews, Literary Titan and Chanticleer Book Reviews. It also garnered national awards, the GOLD AWARD from Literary Titan and Honorable Mention from Readers View. Blood is the first in a new series called the “Haunted Shores Mysteries.” Dr. Overbeck is a member of the Mystery Writers of America and an active member of the literary community.

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