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Author Julia Oliver Promotes Her Historical Romantic Novel - Dream of the White Stallion

Press Release: March 15, 2021

Author Julia Oliver Promotes Her Historical Romantic Novel - Dream of the White Stallion

Author Julia Oliver is pleased to announce the promotion of her historical romantic novel, Dream of the White Stallion. This is an intriguing love story, spiritual journey, and coming-of-age tale set amid the historical beginnings of Thoroughbred racing in England.

Kathryn Alexander, writing in her personal journal, describes her coming of age while dealing with childhood bullies and a dying mother. She is a shy teenager living in 18th century England, the era when Thoroughbred racing and breeding became the rage among the aristocracy. She has always loved horses, and even though her Irish father is an exceptional, but nontraditional, equine trainer and healer, her humble working-class family could never afford one of the beautiful animals. Although a commoner herself, Kathryn secretly loves William Stanley, the handsome young viscount who shares her passion and affinity for horses. Kathryn and her father save a crippled, young foal and raise it only to have the filly stolen the night her father is killed. This horrific event spirals Kathryn into a nightmare of desperate destitution, destructive choices, and eventually a spiritual journey that will change her life forever. Will she solve the mystery of her father’s murder, find forgiveness for her crushing guilt, and overcome the class differences that separate her from the man she loves?

Dream of the White Stallion is available for purchase in print and ebook formats.

Book Information:
Dream of the White Stallion

By Julia Oliver
Publisher: Page Publishing
ISBN: 978-1645445265 (pb)
ISBN: 978-1645445272 (ebook)
Pages: 241
Genre: Historical Romantic Fiction, Coming of Age, Romance

About the Author:       
Julia Oliver,
like her heroine, has also loved horses from an early age. With her veterinarian husband, they have raised and trained jumpers, eventers, and carriage animals ever since their marriage in 1970. In her younger years, Julia was a high school teacher, but in the last decade has dedicated her life to Meadowstone Therapeutic Riding Center where she provides riding lessons to children with disabilities and also directs equine psycho-therapy for adult clients from a residential addictions program. Julia has previously written two non-fiction books that have gained wide acceptance in her field of therapeutic riding and carriage driving. She and her husband have lived on their Meadowstone farm for 43 years and are active members and teachers in their non-denominational church.

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