Home Australian land speed record attempt powered by Selfies. Mark Webber first onboard.

Australian land speed record attempt powered by Selfies. Mark Webber first onboard.

Press Release: August 13, 2015

World land speed record racing comes into the digital age.

Supersonicselfie launches. F1 ace Mark Webber first to upload his selfie.

Australian land speed record team, Aussie Invader 5R, is today launching supersonicselfie.com. The unique website allows the user the opportunity to upload their selfie, along with thousands of others on to the supersonic rocket car as it attempts to break the current record which stands at 763mph, and move it on to 1000 mph.

First to upload his selfie is Red Bull F1 and Le Mans 24 hours star Mark Webber. The team are hoping that Mark will be the first of many sporting greats, celebrities and fans to get behind the attempt and put their selfie along with thousands of others on the fifty two foot, six and half ton car.

Their main rival is the UK’s Bloodhound SSC which has a team of over ninety, and have raised tens of millions of Pounds from large corporate sponsors to fund their attempt.

The smaller and all volunteer Aussie Invader 5R team, lead by Rosco McGlashan have decided to take another path, to embrace the power social media and share their attempt with thousands of supporters, rather than a few big sponsors.

“The Aussie Invader 5R team want our attempt to be on behalf of the people, not just part of a big brands marketing strategy. Supersonicselfie is a way for everyone to be included in this great adventure and challenge.”
Rosco McGlashan. Team Principal and Driver

For as little as $20 AUD www.supersonicselfie.com allows the user to quickly and easily upload their selfie, friends, family or workmates onto the car, and into history. They will be able to follow the team and their selfie right to the record.

Mark Webber. Aussie Invader vs Bloodhound SSC. UK vs Australia. Big Business vs The Crowd. The Ashes @1000 mph.

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