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Atmospheric Indie Pop Trio ‘Pacific’ Debut at Number 36 on iTunes Charts with New Self-Titled EP

Press Release: August 05, 2016

The baby new indie pop trio from Perth release a stunning debut EP and feature on ‘Indie Legends’ this July.
Sunday, July 3, 2016 — With their debut EP rocketing to number 36 on the Official iTunes charts, and their first single ‘Edge Of Nowhere’ spinning up 100,000 plays on Spotify in less than three months, the dreamy indie pop group from Perth, W.A, ‘Pacific’ have hit the ground running.
The atmospheric indie pop trio was formed by brothers Kieran and Callum Burne. Kieran takes on keys and synthesizers, while Callum handles vocals and guitar duties. With the addition of mutual friend Matt McCubbin lending his highly percussive drum flair to the trio, Pacific have come together to form a reputation for “infectious hooks and forceful rhythms," (Tonedeaf).
‘Edge of Nowhere’ is the first single and the opening track of Pacific's self-titled EP. It’s the most feel-good song on the record. “The song is about life as a journey,” said Callum. “It’s about overcoming the wolves and the fears that you have to face, and in doing so it’s about discovering who you are and where you fit into the fabric of everything.”
The band draws inspiration from artists like Mumford and Sons, Bon Iver and Jinja Safari to shape their crowd soothing sound. Pacific are known for their ability to blend soaring vocal harmonies with captivating guitar tones, which leaves little wonder as to why the group receives reviews such as, “I love listening to music that sparks something in me, songs that I have an instant connection with […] just one song won’t do”.
Pacific’s lyrical topics touch on personal struggle, life, dreams, faith, fear, and political injustice. “For me, I think I do my best songwriting, or at least do the song justice when I write honestly," Callum noted. “When a song is written from that place, it either becomes relatable or confronting, and either of those things demand a response."
Looking forward into 2016, Pacific will be performing a bunch of shows throughout Perth, with plans to tour Australia nationally towards the end of the year. It will be a tour in support of their latest self-titled EP, which is now available through iTunes and Spotify. The group also aims to be touring their soul soothing show overseas by next year.
The single ‘Edge of Nowhere’ and the full EP, was put together in Perth Western Australia by Chad Blondel, who has previously worked on lush soundtracks for big names like Home and Away, Channel 7 and Foxtel.
Pacific will also be joining a host of other independent Australian artists when their lead single, ‘Edge of Nowhere’, is featured on Lighthouse Record’s ‘Indie Legends’ compilation album, due out this July.

‘Pacific’ – EP (1st April 2016)
About 'Pacific'
The past twelve months have seen Perth band Pacific writing, refining and crafting a unique sound to call their own. The result has bought forth their debut self-titled EP and brothers Callum and Kieran Burne alongside Matt McCubbin are ready to share their music with the world.

Recorded with Chad Blondel at Foxhole studios, Pacific have carefully crafted an EP that is dynamic, powerful and cohesive.

"We've always been inspired by music that demands a response. It's a place where honesty can be exposed, boundaries can be pushed and essentially, it's a place where there aren't any rules... you express what you feel and you lay it all out to be seen. Sometimes it's asking the hard questions to yourself, sometimes its expressing joy, or loss, or sorrow. The important thing for us is that we were real and honest in the creative process and that we did everything we could to make each song the best that it could be."

The forthcoming EP is crammed full of infectious hooks, powerful rhythms and honest lyrics.
Pacific will be touring throughout WA and beyond following the release of their EP.

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