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Atkins VS ketogenic diet! educogym Canary Wharf’s personal trainers debate the best diet for the most fat loss

Press Release: September 15, 2017

Many people regularly question the difference between the ketogenic diet and Atkins diet, as they always seem to pop up in the same conversations, personal trainers at educogym Canary Wharf explain the differences and which one really is best for you to lose fat.

The Ketogenic diet was created in 1924, it was initially used as it was discovered to treat epileptic seizures in a way that medicine couldn’t. It consists of followers eating specific percentages of macronutrients, 60% fats, 35% protein and just 5% carbohydrates, these very specific percentages force the body into using ketone bodies, also known as ketosis, and in simple terms, gets your body to use its own stored fat for energy rather than what you eat. “There are so many benefits to the ketogenic diet, including stable blood sugars, fat burning, faster weight loss, and one of the most important parts to many is the improved brain health, and mental performance advantages” explained Godfrey Nurse, personal trainer, Canary Wharf educogym.

The ketogenic diet is great, but it does have a drawback, you do need to measure and weigh your food for it to be effective and taking supplements also plays a large part in your fat loss and health. “Every diet has its drawbacks, however to get the most out of the ketogenic diet and to achieve the fantastic fat loss results that come with it, you need to ensure your percentages and meals are balanced accordingly, it seems a hassle at first but after a few days, some good meal prep and getting used to looking at labels in shops it actually becomes a really easy natural part of your routine. Personal trainers at educogym Canary Wharf have clients losing 7.5 pounds of fat or more in just 12 sessions, our latest client lost 8.6 pounds of fat in just 6 sessions and our personalised nutrition, our diets are very specifically tailored to each person, however they follow the ketogenic rules so it just shows how effective they are” said Orlstyne Wilson, personal trainer at educogym Canary Wharf.

So back to the main question, what is the difference between Atkins and Ketogenic diets? The Atkins diet took the media by storm when first introduced for its impressive fat loss results, so with Keto and Atkins all being said in the same breath, what defines the two? Godfrey Nurse, personal trainer at Canary Wharf educogym explains “The Atkins diet is made up of phases, the first phase, induction, is pretty much the same as the ketogenic, however the Atkins diet allows you to pretty much eat anything that is low carb, whether it is healthy and natural or not, this makes it very easy for followers to follow as they can grab Atkins bars, jelly and all sorts of processed meats and sugars. It also allows you to slowly reintroduce foods and carbohydrates initially eliminated from the induction phase, over all it is a much easier diet to follow than the ketogenic diet, however the drawbacks are potentially worse”.

If Atkins is as easy as it sounds, why are some people opting for the ketogenic diet instead? “There are some cons when it comes to Atkins, many of its followers start on Atkins and move to keto, firstly for the health factor, The Ketogenic diet is much more about whole foods, healthy foods, and no sweeteners and ‘diet drinks’, many who follow Atkins also show weight gain long term, as due to the relaxed rules and lack of measures, many over eat on certain things, such as proteins, which if consumed too much can be turned into carbs and increase your daily carbohydrate intake without you even knowing. They are very similar, but the long-term weight loss and health flaws on Atkins is a far cry from the results of Keto” said Orlstyne Wilson, personal trainer at Canary Wharf Educogym.

So, it seems over all we have a winner. The Ketogenic Diet, with its precise measures, it gets your body into ketosis and burning fat fast, its health benefits exceed just ‘fat loss’ and can benefit your mental performance and so therefore improve your lifestyle, work and more as you can focus much easier, many even report an earnings increase due to their valuable mental focus and performance, so who wouldn’t want a diet that can even increase your earnings! Want to know more?

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