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Astrologer Yogendra Pvt. Ltd. Hiring Continues in Lockdown

Press Release: May 28, 2020

I hope you are well and follow the rules of lockdown efficiently. In a difficult team where millions of people lost their job. Companies cut down half of the salary of their employees, the travel and tourism industry passes through the crisis. Due to this pandemic, the whole world facing great economic depression. World governments, taking help from other countries and world banks and introduces economic packages to feed their peoples and continue its economy.

In this time, only some businesses continually grow and have no effect of COVID-19 on their sale and company employees. The business works remotely and their works are online. They have no major effect. We can take an example of some biggest Multinational Companies (MNCs). Google, Microsoft, TCS, Etc. These companies' employees work remotely and they are able to get the full potential of them through some highly technologized software. Some companies already run on this plan and have no offices. Their employees Work Remotely (Work From Home) from the starting of companies. I think you know about WordPress, a CMS. The employees of WordPress has no office. Their home is their office. They totally work remotely. Some companies also think work remotely permanent because this reduces their expenses(Rent, Wifi, Electricity, Maintenance) and increase their employee's productivity without going theirs to offices.

We(Astrologer Yogendra Pvt. Ltd.) are also one of them who make total work remotely and hiring more employees to work efficiently. We are currently hiring Sales Representatives, Digital Marketers, Astrologers, Numerologists, Palmists, and Vastu consultants. Who able to work remotely and have knowledge of online tools(CRM, IVR, MS Office, Dropbox, Google Drive). We run online astrology, numerology, palmistry, and Vastu Shastra consultant portal. Who provides consultation to the peoples to brighter their future through the ancient sciences. We have hundreds of experts. Who are ready to provide consultation through the phone.

If you need Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, and Vastu Shastra consultation for Your Career, Job, Business, Marriage, Love Life, Education, Health, Husband Wife Disputes, and other various verticals of life. You should visit our website and book an appointment to get a consultation from the experts on the phone. Our portal works worldwide and have customer from most of all countries. Our major clients from India, USA, UAE(Dubai, Abu Dhabi), Kuwait, Canada, and Australia.

You should also learn to work through online tools because the future is totally dependent on computers. If we do not have knowledge about them, It's difficult to get jobs.

Future is Online, You Have to Change at Any Cost. If Don't Want to Suffer Economic Problems - Managing Director

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