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Assist Services Group set out a Protect Duty Consultation Strategy to help make you safer in a public space

Press Release: March 26, 2021

Assist Services Group are currently preparing for the welcomed introduction of the ‘Protect Duty’. 
At Assist, we understand that this consultation and new legislation will not just apply to the event industry but also apply to many including land-owners, managing agents and responsible persons of “public spaces”. We are currently working with our existing clients to be ahead of the curve and provide flexibility in implementing the changes. 
Our management team have a wealth of experience in Counter Terrorism – whether you are looking at everyday life in a “Public Space” or delivering events. Our team will work with you in providing either a fully integrated public space protection strategy or an event management solution – we can be as involved as little or as much as required. 
We understand both the legal and moral obligations of event management from the planning stages, through delivery and debrief, specifically with the new ‘Protect Duty’.
We can provide appropriately trained staff to support your safety and security plan.
All our staff will be Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) trained and we have our own bespoke Counter Terrorism course which was previously accredited by Skills for Security. We also have a scalable training plan with our partnering Police Services in order to deploy the hierarchy of ACT and SCaN. 
We also have in house terrorism trainers to give bespoke Counter Terrorism training to all aspects of our business

Our training records are available to review to prospective clients 

We are in the process refreshing our staff’s first aid capacity as well as some staff receiving Advanced First Aid Training including catastrophic bleeds. 
With our own in-house Counter-Terror (CT) Risk Management Team, Assist Services Group can provide services that many cannot including highlighting vulnerabilities – on a legal and moral standpoint. At Assist we don’t just highlight problems – we like to provide the solutions as well and our CT Risk Team are able to provide a report to make you compliant for not only legislation but also the “Lessons Learned” from previous incidents. Our ability to create plans to mitigate events and “public spaces” as much as possible are developed from years of working with and learning from CT Police and CPNI. 
Our Advisors are experienced in liaising with local authorities and Emergency Services, to deliver a holistic solution to all areas of business. From initial concept, to SAG meetings, planning committees as well as the execution of either a space or an event – Assist Services Group can be with you along the way. 
Contact us today to see how we can work with you, your budget, and your vision.
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Phone Number: 020 8543 6670

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