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Asset Based Finance Can Boost Your Struggling Small Business

Press Release: December 15, 2015

Is your business struggling financially? Are you a start-up requiring finance to get off the ground? Or are you a business operating in the area of agriculture, and you require finance to purchase some farm equipment or machinery? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then asset financing can help you out. Asset financing is a way of offering you financial help via lease financing and asset based lending. Many entrepreneurs have used asset financing in the past to start a new project, expand their current business or just to promote their existing business. Asset financing companies offer lease funding to business in the construction, agriculture, vehicle financing, and printing worlds - to name just a few.

Davenham Asset Finance offers asset based lending to business owners who are looking to increase productivity, by offering a way of getting new machinery or new software at a low cost. Asset financing is therefore aptly designed to meet the requirements of SME's and start-ups, and the payback schedule is usually well planned so that the borrower will not face financial hardship when paying back the loan. We are also able to lend money to needy clients via asset refinance and can offer terms that are easy to meet by the borrower.
Davenham Asset Finance is a Manchester based finance company that is run privately so that it is not restrained by directions from other quarters. This allows us to be more flexible in our lending so that the loans we offer are not overtly ruled by strict terms and conditions. We adopt a very flexible attitude when dealing with clients - a freedom that is afforded to us as we are self-dependent.

Asset finance comes in useful when a business wants to acquire something new such as equipment and machinery, and the loan is granted on behalf of the assets such as accounts receivables, inventory, existing machinery, and any short-term investments that are owned by the company. The repayment model is always calculated on the capability of the client, so it is easy for clients to return the loan within the agreed time frame.

Call Davenham Asset Finance on 0161 832 8484 or visit our website at www.davenhamassetfinance.co.uk, to find out more about our services. You can also send your query via email to enquiries@davenham.co.uk

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Davenham Asset Finance is a Manchester based company who offer asset based loans to customers requiring funds to boost their business.

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