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Ashworths Pets Services stresses on importance of grooming for dog

Press Release: March 31, 2017

Doncaster, United Kingdom – 3/6/2017 – Ashworth’s Pet Services is a one stop shop for all the needs of your pet. Everything a pet needs is of paramount importance to Ashworth, and so,they are highly keen on spreading the importance of pet grooming.
Ashworth is based in Doncaster; they are looking out to highlight the importance of grooming for pets standard. They advise and recommend on a wide variety of animals from dogs, cat, birds, small animals, horses and also reptiles and aquatic animals.
Sincethey understand the need of pets’ health and hygiene, they are stressing upon how important it is to maintain health and hygiene for animals to ensure their long life span.
Dogs being neglected has often come under notice for past years. Unfortunately,it ends in not so favourable terms for dogs. Grooming your dog helps avoid most of the problems which can cause you to have such negative effects on your dog.
Ashworths therefore focuses on grooming products which are essential for animal’s hygiene. Dog’s overgrown coat makes it difficult to brush smoothly and also tangles in mat which can be painful for dog. Regular grooming and cleaning dogs helps to detect or identify any signs of skin diseases.
• Mats – It refers to densely tangled clumps of fur in pet’s clothes. Mats occur due to overgrown coat or negligence of brushing. Severe matting will end up resulting extra pain for dog while grooming it. This will also cause irritation and encourage skin disease.
• Overgrown nails – Long overgrown nails forces dog to walk on sides of their pads. Which might contribute to arthritis in legs and hips making dog suffer from splayed toes causing infection and pain.
• Grooming Items –Grooming items assists in maintenance of pets. Dog clippers, shedding brush, brushes like Bristle brush, slicker brush, wire-pin brush, conditioners and shampoos for suitable their skin types.

They understand that your furry four legged animal is a family member and should be taken care of. They provide solutions for various breeds. Ashworths take pride in supplying pet’s health and hygiene products.

The additional services which make Ashworth unique is that they provide pet services like pet sitting, dog walking and pet taxi services. Thus making it one shop stop for all needs of your pet and giving them the authority to voice their opinions on the importance of grooming your pet.
About Ashworths Pet Services
It is located in Conisbrough, Doncaster. It is a family run business committed on the belief to provide customers, best to their needs. They are known to sell widely ranged products like food, grooming products, health and hygiene products.
They also provide dog walking service around Doncaster. Preferable over dreaded kennels to take care of dogs.

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