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Ash clouds looming large over the head of travel insurance industry!

Press Release: April 20, 2010

As frequent fliers hope to overcome the biggest (natural) debacle in the history of British aviation industry, reports are doing rounds that the flight ban will stay in place till Tuesday. Meanwhile, as far as resumption of aviation traffic is concerned, nothing can be said with absolute surety. Although, the situation will be reviewed tomorrow, once again at around 1 AM.

NATs, (better known as National Aviation Traffic) stated that the conditions around the movement of the layers of the ash in the volcanic ash cloud stayed dynamic. Meanwhile, when reports last arrived, most of the airlines are preferring to cancel their flights and are avoiding any kind of risk.

The badly-hit Travel Insurance industry is also reeling under pressure as it continues to struggle to resurface on national scene. The price comparison portals, who have tied-up with these companies, have reported a significant drop in the number of visitors coming to their websites to compare travel insurance deals. That's not all, options like compare health insurance quotes, compare pet insurance, which are an allied form of insurance cover that are consistently used by people while air-shuttling from one place to another, have also taken a hit as a result of it.

Certainly, various price comparison portals too have a story to tell, as they too have a share of loss to attend to, thanks to this unfortunate volcanic eruption. All their travel insurance products on the shelf that are presented to client after they click on compare travel insurance button have gone for a toss.

Meanwhile, the next update on the issue will be addressed to the media at around 3 PM today, after Nats consults with Met Office and Civil Aviation industry.

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