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Asendia new e-PAQ product range will empower Oceanian businesses to succeed globally.

Press Release: November 18, 2020



Asendia, the global leader in cross-border e-commerce and mail shipping services, is launching its international end-to-end e-Commerce solution: e-PAQ.

Compiling postal and commercial networks covering more than 200 destinations worldwide, Asendia’s brand-new solution will enable a stronger connection between Australia, New Zealand, and the markets around the world.

e-PAQ consists of four delivery products and a return option: e-PAQ Standard, e-PAQ Plus, e-PAQ Select, e-PAQ Elite.

e-PAQ Select and e-PAQ Returns: the first two products launched in Australia and New Zealand are particularly tailored for e-tailers looking for fast, tracked, and DDP or DDU export options to key markets around the world, as well as the return capabilities. 

e-PAQ Select will boost local businesses, from honey, wine, and pet food producers to health and beauty suppliers to reach Trans-Tasman e-shoppers, therefore eventually access the foreign markets in Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific.

e-PAQ by Asendia, with a new product range specially designed for e-tailers, will take our OZ and Kiwi businesses to the world!

 “This product range is the right fit for every entrepreneur wanting to take their offering to the world. Anyone with an online presence in Australia and New Zealand can confidently offer a world-class cross-border shipping option to 220 countries through one proven provider”

- Dene Green, Asendia Oceania CEO

As a key global e-commerce enabler, Asendia offers more than logistics solutions. Customers can escalate their digital global expansion by using Asendia partner’s technology to develop their sales channels on worldwide marketplaces or to truly localize the e-commerce experience of your global e-shoppers.

Opening a global and modern horizon, Asendia is empowering our industries to thrive globally!

Asendia is one of the world's leaders in international e-commerce and mail, delivering packages, parcels, and documents to more than 200 destinations across the globe. Combining the experience and expertise of our founding companies, La Poste and Swiss Post, the Asendia Group brings together a wealth of international and local know-how. Asendia's expertise is broad-reaching encompassing different aspects of e-commerce, from webshop software and marketplace management to international logistics. Asendia is committed to sustainability, offsetting all CO2 emissions for transport within Europe and from Europe to other continents, excluding first-mile and last-mile.

Asendia employs over 1,500 people in Europe, UK, Asia Pacific, and the USA - a global network blended with a local presence.

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