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ASBOs in the boardroom!

Press Release: April 12, 2010

Judging from these results, the time has come for Anti Social Boardroom Orders to be issued, says Lesley Everett, the UKs top Personal Branding expert, business executives need to be knocked into shape and start realising the effect corporate bad manners are having on fellow staff and the working environment."

In the survey conducted by Walking TALL, the UKs leading personal branding company, two thirds of business leaders also believed that the growth in Blackberry, i-phone and other Smartphone devices has significantly contributed to this increase in bad corporate manners.

Many respondents complained of colleagues using their phone to update Facebook, play online games or even send out rude tweets about clients or colleagues during meetings or work events.

The survey findings also highlighted a significant decline in both email and telephone etiquette with more than half the respondents saying that it was taking clients and customers much longer to respond to telephone and email messages and in many cases not responding at all.

There appears to be a marked increase in bad manners since the start of the recession, with lots of stories of phone misuse during important meetings, telephone messages being ignored and meetings cancelled at very short notice. Rather than improving business standards during tough economic times it would appear many were actually becoming more neglectful, said Lesley Everett, founder and CEO of Walking TALL.

More than 50% of all business leaders questioned also agreed that they had seen an increase in the number of times clients and customers cancelled meetings at very short notice. When it comes to good manners and business etiquette, there are few faux pas worse than cancelling a meeting with little notice, said Lesley. It demonstrates a complete lack of respect for other peoples time and a huge negative layer added to your personal brand reputation. One of the survey respondents had even flown all the way from London to LA for a 1.5 hour client meeting only to learn that the person who had requested the meeting would not attend and could only telephone call into the meeting.


The Survey

The survey was conducted from December 2009 to March 2010 by Walking TALL (www.walkingtall.org ), the UKs leading personal branding company. Over 100 senior UK business leaders were questioned representing small to medium sized enterprises (SME) right through to multinational corporations.
Highlights of Survey:
75% of business leaders have seen an overall increase in corporate bad manners and poor communications over the last 3 years.
75% of business leaders believe the growth in usage of Blackberry/i-phone and all other Smartphone devices in the last 3 years, have led to an increase in corporate bad manners.
60% of business leaders have seen an increase in the time it takes for your clients or customers to respond (or not respond at all) to telephone messages over the last 3 years.
56% of business leaders have seen an increase in the time it takes for your clients or customers to respond (or not respond at all) to emails over the last 3 years.
65% of business leaders have found clients or customers slower to respond to communications (through any communication types) over the last 3 years.
58% of business leaders have seen an increase in the number of times clients or customers cancel a meeting at short notice.
59% of business leaders have seen an increase in the time it takes for clients or customers to respond (or not respond at all) to tailored business proposals.

About Lesley Everett & Walking TALL www.lesleyeverett.com & www.walkingtall.org

Lesley Everett is CEO & founder of Walking TALL and thought-leader on personal branding and perception management. She is a highly-rated and well-respected international conference and keynote speaker, author, columnist and media personality with an impressive international blue-chip and FTSE 100 client list, including names such as Tesco, BT and Barclays Bank. Her clients also include politicians and celebrities.

Lesley is a regular contributor to all forms of print and broadcast media. She has appeared several times on business and consumer programmes including Sky Business, CNN, BBC News, GMTV and BBC News 24. She has presented a mini-series on Tonight with Trevor McDonald and regularly comments on corporate brand and personal brand issues in the media.

She has had over 150 articles in print including The Times, Personnel Today, Management Today and Cosmopolitan Magazine. She is the author of Walking TALL key steps to total image impact.

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