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Ark Continuity opens next phase at one of the most secure, available and sustainable data centre campus locations in Europe

Press Release: December 18, 2009

Corsham, England, 14 December 2009: Founded on meticulous research and development, Ark Continuity, a leading developer of high integrity data centres, today announces the successful completion of integrated systems testing (IST) of its SQ17 data centre. This allows customers to commence the technical fit-out or relocation of their data suite.

IST marks the conclusion of the first phase of the Spring Park Data Centre Campus: a new model for sustainable data centre infrastructure based on standard scalable, predictable, low energy building blocks.

Andrew Lawrence, Research Director, Eco-efficient IT, for the 451 Group commented: In the UK there is very strong demand for third party, high availability and energy efficient data centre space. A lot of businesses and investors have announced plans to build these kinds of data centre in recent years, but only a few have actually fulfilled their promises. Ark Continuity has constructed an excellent facility that, by using natural geological features, can lay claim to being far more energy efficient and resilient than most aspire to.

Strategically positioned and built on a legacy of over 50 years investment in Critical National Infrastructure, Spring Park extends to over 14.79 hectares (38 acres), and when complete will support c93,000m of high performance, low carbon data centre and office accommodation.

Jeffrey Thomas, CEO of Ark Continuity explains The out of town, secure location of Spring Park is of significant importance. The site is 100 miles west of London and 8 miles south of the M4 and takes advantage of the higher availability of air free cooling afforded by this rural location (2008: 62% in Wiltshire compared with c50% in London1) The location combined with rigorous engineering and an efficient energy design, results in a lower consumption of electricity, and associated CO2 emissions, without compromising security or availability. The bottom line is that Ark offers the lowest economic operating costs for comparable mission critical infrastructures.

In addition to the availability of air free cooling, Spring Park sits above a subterranean network of mines historically famous for the production of Bath Stone. This unique asset will provide the foundation for Arks Integrated Energy Management System (IEMS) which aims to further reduce the already below industry average PUE of the data centre from 1.45 to less than 1.2; using its geothermal or ground free cooling capabilities even during the warmer summer months.

The Spring Park campus will provide a variety of high integrity data halls, suites and vaults offering a flexible approach for those organisations who appreciate the need for secure, available and sustainable data processing, storage and communications solutions. Spring Park is aligned with the UK governments policy to reduce the environmental impact of ICT by ensuring improvements in energy efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions; in particular focusing on the UK Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) which will affect around 5,000 companies from 2010.

With SQ17 being one of the UKs lowest carbon contributors, Spring Park affords occupiers the opportunity to embrace best practice and sustainable principles in the design, construction, engineering and operation of their data centres.

Ark Continuitys data centre model offers all the benefits of owner-occupation - discrete space and dedicated infrastructure - but on an outsourced, modular basis. Customers have the security of their own technical space and infrastructure, with room to expand as their requirements grow; whilst moving the investment from capital expenditure to operating expense.

Ark recognises and understand the central role that mission critical data centre facilities play in the delivery of organisational brand values and customer experience. Ark has assembled the engineering, financial and human resources required to deliver mission critical data centre facilities.

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