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Ari Retail POS Software now offering Retail Insight integration

Press Release: October 12, 2020

Ari's integration with Retail Insight brings the best of retail and accounting to your door.

Web Masters is a provider of business management solutions with offices in UAE, Singapore, Bahrain, and India. Their portfolio of products includes ERP solutions, retail and customer management solutions, business intelligence and analytics solutions, and IT support and maintenance. Ari Retail POS Software is a key product of Web Masters to simplify the retail business operations. The solution automates the retailers' processes to give customers a valuable shopping experience.

A retail business has to deal with a multitude of activities and operations daily. These include managing the stocks, billing for customers, helping customers with the purchase queries, allocating work to employees, tracking employees' performance, strategic decision-making, and many more.

One crucial function that is often overlooked is accounting. Every business transaction needs to be accounted for to draw financial statements and make analytical evaluations to get a complete picture of the business's health.

Web Masters' Retail Insight is one such accounting software that addresses these requirements. However, with transactions happening in Ari's Retail POS Software, how can their book of accounts be updated on Retail Insight?

Web Masters provides a solution to this issue with their Ari + Retail Insight POS integration. Jignesh Joshi, the CTO of Web Masters, says, "The integrated solution combines the features of retail and accounting to ensure the best customer experience."

Talking about the data synchronization between the two solutions, he elaborates further, "Based on the batch size; the data will be posted from the POS to Retail Insight. The data related to customers, vendors, transactions, and sales from Ari are mapped with Retail Insight. The mapping ensures accuracy, completeness, minimum errors, and no mismatches."

The integrated solution will make inventory management a lot easier. It also generates insightful reports and analytics that can help retailers in making strategic decisions for their store's growth. There are many other features, which make it an attractive solution.

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