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Are the sales statistics from your team correct?

Press Release: December 18, 2018

The internet is a powerful medium that has an equally sacred and affable reputation as a source of research. More often, news reports have to be corrected because information has been based on unconfirmed foundation. Innocent information is also often accepted unthinkingly. How many famous quotes from others have already been put to the name of Abraham Lincoln or Albert Einstein? This is also the case when we look at data available on the internet about sales effectiveness and the figures that we receive from Salesinteract by measuring.

Salesinteract is an interactive CRM that makes it possible to involve your customers or prospects in the purchase or delivery process. This gives us the ideal basis for carrying out a variety of measurements and testing data that roam the internet. Thanks to a unique and simple dashboard, fully based on the modern sales professional, Salesinteract makes it possible to work more efficiently and to be informed of your customer’s actions, so that you can act directly to it. The system is designed in such a way that everything can be done on minimal effort.

What is being said about sales professionals?

At this moment, the generally accepted figures taken by the bank are as follows. 48% of the account managers never follow a prospect. That means that just under half (!) Of all sales professionals leave it after one contact moment. 25% of sales professionals then stop after the second contact moment. If there is no result out of that, 12% of the account managers or sales professionals will leave it after a third contact moment. Only 10% of all sales professionals across the board of product suppliers and business service providers have more than 3 contact moments. This would mean that 85% of all sales professionals work ineffective. A shockingly high number, is not it? Of course you would like your people to excel in the professional field and never to be among those 85%.

At Salesinteract, we started working on these figures and we started measuring all our users – with permission – how they relate to the above data. This resulted in very different figures. Over the past three months, we have looked at several organizations of the total sales operation that uses our system and, based on the activities we saw, managed to create a clear overview.

What do we measure with Salesinteract?

15% of all sales professionals never follow a prospect. After a second contact moment, 7% stops. Incidentally, this can also be fine because a lead or prospect is then qualified and is actually identified as ‘no interesting prospect’ according to the values ​​of the organization. But let’s assume that it always

is a interesting prospects, then that 7% is significantly lower than 25% that

the Internet predicts us. In our measurements then 3% of the

sales professionals stops after a third contact moment. In the end more than 70% follow

just up until a real ‘yes’ or ‘no’ comes from a prospect. Our measurement is

founded and exhibits minimal deviations, but we are also at Salesinteract

aware that the parties we are working with use the system not yet perfect.

There are numerous functions available in the convenient dashboard

t to help sales professionals work more efficiently and to assist the customer

involve in the process.

When the users use Salesinteract CRM completely according to the philosophy of Salesinteract

and would not allow activities to go ‘over date’,

then the measurements would undoubtedly be even more greater in results. We work there

to make that happen, because in the long run all sales professionals and managers

find a way to focus on the customer instead of all sorts of things

administrative and distracting tasks, both parties in the process are better off.

Of course we can not sit on the chair of the user, but we can offer all functionalities easily and clearly.

The system

Salesinteract offers, in addition to efficiency and ease of use, a way to help your customers

and involve them in your process. Think of a chat function and easy way to share files to your


Another plus is that the system gives a complete insight into what on the

sales department is done. Managers can easily create a real-time overview

track on all points. Are agreements followed? How many contact moments

does my team have on average? How many leads, prospects and active customers have

we now and what status do they have?

Also a direct overview where what information is sent to.

This means that other professionals can immediately start working if a colleague fails

at the same point further. Everything is available from one location, always and everywhere

, designed in a clear and well-organized dashboard.


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