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Are the Net Police Coming For You? CY4OR filmed for BBCs Panorama

Press Release: March 16, 2010

CY4OR, a global computer forensics firm who provide extensive knowledge and expertise in digital evidence, has recently been filmed for the BBC Panorama TV programme about the Digital Economy Bill.

The popular investigative programme was hosted by Jo Whiley and aired yesterday on BBC 1.

The programme looked at the potential effects of a proposed new law aimed at targeting the millions of illegal downloads occurring every year and how home broadband use may never be the same again. CY4OR was involved with tracking the internet use and download activity of a family and group of students.

Keith Cottenden, CY4ORs Forensic Services Director, was interviewed and commented on the potential impact of the Digital Economy Bill on the average home internet user. The Bill, which is likely to become law before the election, will allow your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to send you warning letters if you are caught illegally downloading or file sharing.

Ignoring the letters may lead to legal action from the copyright owner, as they will then be able to apply for your name and address to proceed with suing you. If this form of legal action does not prove to be successful, the Government may take powers to restrict the individuals Broadband speed or cut it off completely.

To help avoid internet piracy and possibly falling foul of the law, Keith gave his Key Tips on the new Digital Economy Bill:

1. Limited private copying from CD to an individuals iPod, for example, is acceptable but sharing these files is not.
2. File sharing technology isnt illegal but the actual sharing of music or video files is.
3. Sending files via email or instant messaging is considered as file sharing and is illegal.
4. Use software to monitor internet usage of everyone in your household or business. The person on the Broadband account will be held responsible for its use.
5. Ensure security measures are in place for your broadband access, including changing the basic or default password on the account.
6. Use a secure and properly configured internet connection so that no one external to your household or business can access your internet.
7. Administrators, such as libraries and internet cafes, should have measures in place to ensure people are not using their internet services to file share.

His tips and a short video of Keith explaining each of his tips are available now on the Panorama web site.

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