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Are refurbished iPhones a good buy?

Press Release: April 20, 2020

“Previously loved” iPhones are in vogue. “Refurbished electronics” sound about as sexy as hand-me-down Crocs. But smart fashion hounds seek out good deals at consignment stores. And right now smartphones and used gadgets are having a renaissance. Plus it’s good for both your wallet and for the environment.

The difference between "refurbished" and "used."

If an iPhone was returned just after it was purchased, then re-sold, it is "refurbished." Refurbished iPhones usually come with a factory-new warranty.

If someone used the phone for a year or two and then wiped it to factory defaults - it is used. Even if that iPhone is being sold by someone claiming to be an authorized dealer (they may or may not be), it is still used, not refurbished.

With that out of the way, yes, by all means, a refurbished iPhone is a great buy. Here's why:

Refurbished iPhones were either returned by the original purchaser, or, in some cases, floor models. People return iPhones for a variety of reasons, but there is usually nothing wrong with the unit. Sometimes they just want a bigger model (maybe more storage, or perhaps a 6+ instead of a 6). Other times maybe something was defective about the unit and Apple swapped it out.

In the case of the latter, Apple is going to swap out the defective part and test the unit thoroughly before reselling it, on top of that they spiff up the used stuff, often with fresh batteries and exteriors.

Even with the ones that weren't defective, Apple is still going to test the unit just to make sure it is restored to factory defaults. So in many ways, you are less likely to get a defective unit when you buy a refurbished iPhone. It’s just like the real thing, because it is the real thing, often including the standard one-year warranty. (These are also the devices companies give out as warranty replacements.) The tricky part is, you have to buy from a reliable source.

Refurbished smartphones are too good to buy without giving much thought because of its various advantages.

The first important point is that these devices are way economical as compare to a brand new phone. If you are short on budget then refurbished phones should be the right fit for you.

Moreover, below are more advantages that make refurbished iPhones better:

You’re getting a great product at a great price.
Tests are done to ensure the products work properly
Good for the environment
These devices come along with some warranty
Most of the refurbished phones are Certified
Hope it will help you to make a certain decision.

However, you should consider a few important things before buying a refurbished iPhone. Few mentioned below:

1. Get the Right Phone For Your Carrier

2. Make Sure The Phone Isn't Stolen

3. Confirm the Phone Isn't Carrier Locked

4. Check for Other Hardware Damage

5. Assess Features & Price

6. Buy from a trusted brand only

If saving money isn’t enough motivation to go refurbished, you could also pat yourself on the back for helping the planet. Seriously: Don’t hug a tree, buy a used iPhone. The energy that went into manufacturing smartphones for the last decade exceeds all of India’s annual electricity use, according to Greenpeace.

In the end, you get a great phone for a great price from a high-end phone brand.

It's important to know the dangers associated with buying a secondhand iPhone before taking the plunge. The most common scam is to buy a stolen phone. Not only is buying a stolen phone a crime, but it could also lead to the phone being locked later down the line.

If you want to buy a refurbished phone outright, mobile specialists such as Cellucity.com stocks a huge refurbished range of iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8.

Cellucity makes buying refurbished easier by removing some of the risk and guesswork you’ll find on other marketplaces. Cellucity offers a 14-day money-back guarantee and you’ll get a 6-month warranty to put your mind at ease. All their Apple iPhone pre-owned devices are restored to factory settings, ensuring that your new phone works perfectly. They are supplied in an Apple box and include free; charger adapter, lightning cable and earphones.

Looks: A-Grade, Excellent cosmetic condition.
Condition: Our phones have been QC tested to work like new. Each major part has been tested and the devices have been restored to factory settings.
Network: Cellucity Pre-Owned phones are unlocked (SIM-free) so you can use them on any network
Package: Cellucity Pre-Owned handsets are supplied in an iPhone box and include a new charger adapter, lightning cable and earphones (earpods for iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 only).
Warranty: All Cellucity Pre-Owned phones come with a 14-day money-back guarantee and a 6-month warranty

About Cellucity.com

Cellucity Pre-Owned smartphones are unlocked and SIM-free. Our A-Grade Pre-Owned APPLE iPhone 6s, Pre-Owned APPLE iPhone 7 and Pre-Owned APPLE iPhone 8, is in excellent working and cosmetic condition and tested to work like new.

Our Pre-Owned iPhone range is sourced through the leading distributors and undergo double quality testing. Once by our suppliers and again by our internal team. They are checked for signs of any physical or liquid damage, on/off functionality, microphone, speaker, vibration, battery, camera and overall cosmetic condition. Because they are sourced through mobile network exchange programs, you can be assured they will not be blacklisted. We are 100% confident in our products.

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