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Are PREbiotics The Solution For IBS?

Press Release: January 04, 2010

Enhance your good bacteria and relieve the symptoms of IBS

Do you suffer from IBS? If so, youre not alone, as up to one in five people in the UK experience symptoms. But help is at hand with latest research showing that a health supplement could be just what you need to alleviate symptoms and improve the health of your gut.

Bimuno, a unique health supplement, has been found to reduce abdominal pain and bloating, ease bowel movements and improve stool consistency in those diagnosed with IBS. In some people, it even helped reduce anxiety scores and improve quality of life.

The first study ever in prebiotics for the treatment of IBS, published in the Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, is the result of a joint study from the Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Central Middlesex Hospital and the University of Reading.

Bimunos prebiotic properties, enable the product to reach the colon intact to selectively target and feed the bodys immunity boosting bifidobacteria (good bacteria) while working in tandem to reduce harmful bacteria in the gut.

Professor David Silk, Consultant Gastroenterologist and principle investigator of the study said: This is a very exciting study as it shows that Bimuno offers IBS sufferers a non medicinal and nutritional option in the management of this very common and often chronic condition.

The research also looked at Bimuno's effect on the gut flora of IBS patients aged between 18 and 80, and in particular, its ability to stimulate bifidobacteria natural good bacteria - within their gut flora. Treatment with Bimuno resulted in significantly higher levels of good bacteria and also reduced the level of some harmful bacteria thought to cause symptoms.

IBS is twice as common in women compared with men and more common in the young, compared with the old. It is often associated with emotional tension and frequently triggered by life changes, difficult situations or stressful events. Symptoms can be reduced through effective diet and lifestyle choices.

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