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Are Led Lights Safe For Home?

Press Release: March 15, 2020

INDIA:  Recently some searches have concluded that led lights are not safe for eyes. This doesn't mean that they are against using led lights. But the fact is only 1-2 led lights are there which are bad for health, but in real-time, no one is using them in their home, house, and office, etc. And those lights are- old led bulbs, T-shaped lights. Nowadays new Led Lights with the best technology like power efficiency, laser, automatic on/off, etc, have replaced old ones.

Our Government is also in favor of using Led Lights. So, please don't believe in humor. Led Lights are not bad for health. They are our future too and they can't be replaced so easily. And remember using Led Lights saves our money and maintenance cost. In fact, Led's are safe for eyes as its brightness is very low as compared to old zero watt bulbs. Led Lights' long-running life makes them unique from all.

So, don't stop using Led Lights, only and only if you are still using old bulbs.

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