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Are e-cigarettes or vaping as safe as we have been told? educogym Canary Wharf debate

Press Release: August 15, 2018

Recent studies have found significant health issues with tests on e-cigarettes, leaving us to question, are they safer than cigarretes? educogym Canary Wharf debate.

e-cigarrettes have become increasingly popular over the last few years, most high streets have a dedicated vape shop and they can even be purchased in some newsagents and cigarette counters, but are they safe? Godfrey Nurse a personal trainer at educogym Canary Wharf gives his view “I am a personal trainer, I care about my health and so do we all at educogym Canary Wharf and so obviously I don’t smoke, and I always urge people to quit, as having a long healthy life is much better than smoking a few cigarettes every day, however when it comes to e-cigarrettes I really just don’t think enough research has been done into the long term affects on users, and it is quite shocking they are so readily available and used even though these affects haven’t been determined”

In a recent study, a mechanical system was set up to mimic vaping using lung tissue of non-smokers, the results in just 48 hours were shocking “ The lung tissue showed signs if inflammation in under 48 hours, that is a very quick development in such a short time, this inflammation meant that the tissue could not clear dangerous dust and particles from the lungs, meaning the lungs are suseptable to issues that smokers have” stated Orlstyne Wilson a personal trainer at educogym Canary Wharf “Of course these tests were not done directly on vape users and on just the tissue samples, however the results are startling and should be a concern”.

With this study’s results, and many more to come, do educogym Canary Wharf believe they are really safer than cigarettes? “There are around 4000 chemicals in a cigarette, many of which are carcinogenic, which means they do cause cancer, so excuse the pun but smokers are literally playing with fire as any day any one of these thousands of chemicals could cause cancer in the smoker. E-cigarettes may not have been tested as vigorously as we would have hoped, and aren’t healthy by any means, but they are way better and healthier than a cigarette so until a completely safe alternative to smoking is created, vaping is definitely better” said Godfrey Nurse, educogym Canary Wharf.

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