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Are Company Credit Reports important?

Press Release: August 23, 2015

Credit reports can be a vital tool for almost any company they are especially important where suppliers permit their customers to have goods prior to payment.
However they have a wide range of uses and used in many different ways across different industries these include checking customers, key suppliers and competitors. They can also be used when letting customers have goods-on-approval or even vetting the company’s identity. Some companies even use company credit reports to obtain marketing data and establish if the company fits within their target market.
The information provided in each report will vary depending on the type and size of company for instance a report on a large plc could consist of several pages however a small private company may only be one or two pages long.
The company credit reports provided by APART-DATA also provides information on small private companies such as sole traders and partnerships.
The reports are downloaded in PDF format for easy storage and printing and all credit reports will remain in your profile for up to 12 months.
Please check out our short video and download a sample company credit report go to www.apart-data.com, or if you prefer you can contact us the traditional way on 0808 255 3282 (UK Free Phone)

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