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April Now Launches Consulting Services

Press Release: July 27, 2016

April Now, a Toronto Based networking group for professional woman, today announced the launch of consulting Services offering. Now, companies can leverage the knowledge inherent in the April Now organization when developing proactive diversity strategies for better company performance, stronger financial results and compliance with stock exchange diversity guidelines.

“Diversity at the Board and Leadership levels is increasingly important to listed and private companies alike,” said April Now. “Companies are struggling to understand and meet their social obligations, to develop a leadership pipeline reflecting the communities in which they operate, and to leverage some of their most talented staff. At April Now, we help listed companies improve their operating performance and meet their social obligations by helping build their board of directors and leadership teams. propriety scoring system leverages public data to measure diversity, and offers an un-biased diversity score that can be used to compare companies and measure progress against benchmarks and guidelines. We look forward to serving the Canadian and U.S. markets.”

About April Now

April Now was founded in 2012 by five Canadian visionaries working in the airline, industrial and technology sectors. Originally a networking group for professional woman, membership quickly expanded from the founders to sixteen core members. As membership grew, April Now launched a website, blog and Twitter feed, providing women everywhere with a one-stop source for information and inspiration in their careers and lives. In 2016, April Now took the next step, leveraging the talent of its founders and associates to launch a niche focused consulting business for Canadian and U.S. listed companies. We now focus on fostering female and minority talent, developing talent pipelines, and meeting diversity guidelines.

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The April Now scoring system is a propriety and unbiased scoring system designed to quantify and rank diversity at various public companies.

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