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Appu Series: Multimedia and Beyond

Press Release: July 09, 2020

A generous dose of lesson, served with some animation and spiced with some fun facts is the best food for your brain. Appu Series is an ardent believer of this recipe.

Launched in 2010, Appu Series has been passionately pursuing the goal of delivering lessons in a delightful format. One where fruits, plants, animals and atoms come to life and give a first person account of themselves!

Since 2010, the company decided to post the most vital scholastic content on YouTube, a wide and free platform. The wider the reach, the stronger the learning community. Thereby creating a niche for learners of all ages. 

There are 15 YouTube channels. All packed with stories, science experiments and bizarre facts. Appu Series academy is a carefully graded and serialized channel on YouTube. Over 1 Billion views and counting, that is how much they are loved. While the toddlers begin with adding up bunnies and taffies, the teens learn to ace algebra without a sweat. Over 7000 videos and counting, the company regularly updates its network on a daily basis.

Appu Series has animated over 300 of the most cheerful, timeless and cherished English rhymes, and hundreds in ten Indian languages-- Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Sindhi, Marati and Bengali . The kind of songs you find children singing during long bus-rides, at playgrounds or up on the stage adorably dolled up.

The company has a range of printed and digital content for quite a diverse age-group- from toddlers to teens.

They have also set up mobile options for learning, so children can watch and learn on the go... Way to sneak school work into their favourite tablets! The videos are also available in IOS and androids.

One thing that most children struggle with is fitting their lessons into context. Illustrations and animations are a sure way to give them what yearn for...A story. It cannot get livelier than that. Appu series is quite religious about that.

To know more visit www.youtube.com/appuseries

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