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Appu Series - Good use for your gizmos

Press Release: August 19, 2020

From 3-inch to 15-inch screens, most of our gadgets are busy flashing something or the other. Appu Series believes that the time and space on the screen can be used wisely.

With the electronic industry booming, being ‘plugged-in’ is almost an order.  Children have started using such gadgets these days.  Appu Series believes in squeezing in a staple diet of education and entertainment in an appetizing format.

Rhymes, stories, scientific facts and experiments, mathematics and fun activities for children from grade 1- 12 in hoards, have come to stay in the Appu Series Channel on Youtube since 2010.

With 15 channels to learn from, a multilingual feast of 10 Indian languages (Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati, Rajasthani, Sindhi, Marati and Bengali), a massive catalogue of over 7000 videos and counting, viewed over 340 million times across the globe and counting, the Appu Series network keeps uploading videos on a daily basis.

The anthology of 300 Mother Goose rhymes is the crowning glory of the company. All of these classics have been deftly animated. There are hundreds of rhymes in the 10 Indian languages, a collection of French and Spanish too, with karaoke as an added bonus.

Stories from around the globe, Aesop’s fables of foxes and other beasts, witty ministers and jesters in the courts of emperors, Panchatantras, Jatakas and many more timeless tales paint the screen.

Preschool and grade school learning comes in a complete package. Appu Series has a cohesively sequenced collection of videos, covering topics from animals, fruits, vegetables to alphabet introduction, shapes and colors. All in one channel. Can be accessed on a computer,  IOS or any an android phone.

There are also over 1000s of books and CDs produced by the company. The printed materials continue to grow by volumes.

There are as many means to learn as there are media. Appu Series firmly follows this principle and delivers content in all perceivable forms.

Curious? To know more visit www.youtube.com/appuseries

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