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Approach Paclights to Procure High Wattage LED Flood Lights

Press Release: March 18, 2016

Paclights is a reputed California based company that has been actively manufacturing LED lighting fixtures for commercial purposes. The company operates with a chief aim to introduce new lighting fixture models such as LED Flood Light, LED Canopy Light, Wall Pack fixtures, LED High Bay, and LED Area Light. The team of experts linked with Paclights are top-rated professionals, who posses in-depth knowledge and expertise in the field of lighting fixture. They place immense emphasis over the quality aspect and take utmost pride in marketing them. Being in possession of proficiency for numerous years has enabled Paclights to set trends and take lighting to a whole level of innovation. The company entertains clients at both national and international level that has enabled the company to develop a huge reputation of being reliable lighting fixture manufacturer.

The company has developed strong reputation for marketing sophisticated lighting fixtures such as LED High Bay. Advanced lighting technology fused with the motives to stay eco-friendly in terms of manufacturing light fixtures has enabled Paclights to introduce energy-efficient LED bulbs. Installing LED bulbs manufactured by Paclights, not only helps the buyer to witness brighter illumination in their commercial space but they also help businesses to incur low electricity bills. In today’s ever evolving age, numerous corporations and businesses are making their appearances with each passing day and unlike the old days, companies today operate 24/7. Thus, the demand for procuring high-end light fixtures that function at all times has escalated tremendously. Estimating the growing demand, Paclights aim to place all their efforts in manufacturing LED fixtures that are best put for use under commercial spaces for long years.

The experts at Paclights assigned to develop LED light fixtures assiduously place their creative ideas in manufacturing bulbs that are equipped with an exceptional lifespan. The lighting fixtures displayed for sale at the official website of Paclights are all equipped with a lifespan of minimum ten years. The after-sale service offered at Paclights provides all its customers with a sense of assurance for the products they procure. The bulbs and fixtures manufactured here are at par with global standards and it is all UL/ETL listed. Paclights features a number of LED variants, starting from LED Canopy lights to retrofitting kits that are used to bring a quick up-gradation in the existing LED light fixtures. Visit their official website at www.paclights.com to garner more insights relating to the products and services offered by this company.

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