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Apprentices Work Experience is an Invaluable Asset

Press Release: March 05, 2010

The hands on work experience provided by apprenticeship schemes is an invaluable asset to young learners looking for employment opportunities according to Perspective, a leading authority on learner management and apprentice training.

Research from the Chartered Management Institute revealed that the proportion of management based apprenticeships completed in the past year has risen by 36% compared to last year. The research also illustrated that employers value the impact that apprentices can have on the day to day performance of a business, and feel that the process of learning in a working environment is of increased benefit to both the trainees and the company itself.

Perspective has indicated that those students currently engaged in apprenticeship schemes hold a large advantage over other students and graduates from universities who have no experience in their respective industries, with such individuals finding that unpaid work experience placements are becoming a necessity when it comes to finding employment in a highly competitive recruitment environment.

Paul Davis, Managing Director of Perspective, said: The inherent value for apprentices of having work experience on their CV seems to be a frequent calling point, as many firms look to reinforce their employee ranks with experienced and capable workers. The opportunity to train workers from scratch allows companies to teach them the correct process for work according to their own methods, whilst instilling the values that are particular to that business.

Perspective is a leading provider of software solutions to solve many of the headaches associated with the apprentice training process. Sunesis is a highly effective training management system designed to help employers closely monitor the attendance and progress of their apprentices, facilitating the creation of group and individual training reports, personal targets and learning milestones.

Perspective is also a member of the Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF) Association, a non-profit membership organisation that makes it possible for systems to communicate and share data, without any additional programming meaning that the integration of any of Perspectives solutions is a quick and simple process.

The system enables new and existing clients, with one or more independent management systems, to input data into one with it then automatically transferred to the other. This therefore, with the systems effectively able to talk to each other, will avoid the time consuming process of duplicating data entry.

For more information about Perspective, please visit www.perspective-uk.com or call 0121 506 9540.


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