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Apple videogames console on the cards?

Press Release: February 01, 2010

2 in 5 people said they preferred the Apple brand to Microsoft products, and 48% of people said that they would consider buying an Apple videogames console if they were to launch one. 1 in 3 people polled believe there is already an Apple videogames console in development.

81% of consumers polled by www.MyVoucherCodes.co.uk believe that Microsofts Xbox 360 would be worst hit if Apple were to launch a mainstream videogames console to rival other next-gen alternatives, with just 17% believing Sonys PlayStation 3 would be negatively affected and just 2% saying that Nintendos Wii, which pioneered motion-technology, would see a decline in sales.

Just 16% said they would definitely not buy an Apple videogames console if one was developed, with the other 36% admitting that theyd wait to see how well it was received before making their decision.

Steve Jobs is the entrepreneur people most respect, according to a study by one of the UKs leading discount retail websites.

Virgin supremo Richard Branson came in at second, despite being worth more than $3bn more than the Apple magnate followed by Microsoft chief Bill Gates, worth more than $50bn, in a study by the UKs leading discount voucher code website, MyVoucherCodes.co.uk.

Below is the top ten list of entrepreneurs, according to the study of 2,063 people. All of the top ten are male. The trifecta of Jobs, Branson and Gates share more than half the votes, with 55% between them. Net worth did not appear to be a factor in the poll.

The entrepreneurs are ranked in order of the number of people who said they were the most inspirational business people:

1. Steve Jobs 22%

2. Richard Branson 18%

3. Bill Gates 15%

4. Sir Alan Sugar 11%

5. Rupert Murdoch 8%

6. Warren Buffet 7%

7. Peter Jones 6%

8. Donald Trump 5%

9. Mark Zuckerberg 3%

10. Larry Page 2%

Retail expert Mark Pearson, founder of MyVoucherCodes.co.uk had the following to say,

Its fair to say that Apples popularity is at an absolute peak, and I cant see wunderkind Steve Jobs and the board allowing the momentum to slow down.

The launch today of their iSlate, if that is the name the company decide to release their iTablet under, coincides with huge consumer support for Apple. Steve Jobs, despite not being the richest entrepreneur on the block is revered by the majority, making his brand very dangerous in the open market.

If Apple were to release a videogames console as there seems to be demand for, it would be the Kryptonite to Microsofts Xbox 360s Superman - consumers will always play the two off against each other.

I believe Jobs Apple would dominate videogaming in the way iPod has become synonymous with MP3 players, and iPhones have led the charge for the title of must-have mobile phone. We see it online at MyVoucherCodes Apple products remain the leaders in their field in terms of search and sales statistics.


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