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Apple iPad, Does it Have what it Takes for Business Users?

Press Release: February 10, 2010

COVENTRY, 10th February, 2010 Tablet PCs preceding Apples iPad may not have been marketed heavily to consumers, but they are critical in some industries such as health care, construction and field service. However, Nigel Owens, VP at tablet manufacturer Motion Computing, says businesses should not get caught up in the iPad fanfare because the product is seriously lacking in business features.

Motion is the leading independent vendor making tablets for specialised industries such as health care and construction. Weve got a good set of customers in hospitals around the world, Nigel said. We make purpose-built slate tablet PCs that are equipped to run enterprise applications and withstand the rigours of mobile working environments.

And as slow as enterprises have been to embrace iPhones, Nigel thinks the Apple iPad will face an even steeper adoption curve among customers in vertical industries. There is a lot of customisation and support needed to sell effectively to hospitals. You need the right form factor, the right cases, the right docks and/or carts, the ability to disinfect the tablet and integrate it with electronic medical records. The iPads touchscreen is also too fragile for construction sites or the day-to-day abuse of hospital settings.

Apples iPad uses the finger-based touch of the iPhone. While fine for viewing Web sites, watching movies and exploring music collections, it falls flat for more business-oriented tasks. A finger is inherently imprecise. Look at a spreadsheet - can you imagine trying to drag a cell from one place to another? Nigel asked. Or take nurses using tablets to fill out complicated patient admission forms filled with tiny fields - theyll prefer stylus-based tablets like Motions. So will construction foremen wearing gloves or sporting dirty, greasy hands, Nigel concluded.

Motions tablets all run the Windows operating system. Thats crucial for compatibility with the line-of-business and custom applications used by most industrial customers. Windows compatibility also makes the devices easy to configure as thin clients or virtualised desktops -- a popular choice for hospitals concerned about government requirements for data security, for example.

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