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AppJetty Comes out With a New Extension: Magento 2 Mobile App Builder

Press Release: August 28, 2019

AppJetty is an apps and extension store for multiple ecommerce platforms and CRMs, like, Magento, Odoo, Suite, Sugar, and Dynamics. Their portfolio ranges through the sales funnel of an ecommerce store, from management tools for the sales team to shipment fulfillment tools.

AppJetty’s latest offering is MageMob App Builder - a Magento 2 mobile app builder. It gives you an app framework based on which you can build an app for a Magento ecommerce store. Having a mobile app for your ecommerce store has become extremely important. The internet has become mobile-first and everyone selling anything has an app for it.

At the same time, making a mobile app requires resources. This readily built mobile app for Magento gives you the freedom to directly customize it to your needs. This app extension comes with all the necessary modules like Banner sliders, Offer Sliders, Featured Category Blocks, and Push Notifications. In terms of cost, it is just a one-time payment that gives you a fully made app, as opposed to building one from scratch, which takes up significantly more finances.

The most important thing you want in an app for an ecommerce store is seamless sync with the web store, and AppJetty’s Magento 2 native app builder does just that. Seamless sync provides a smooth experience for the user if they were switching from a computer to a mobile device while shopping.

When asked about the app builder, the design team said, they have put all the interactive elements in it after analyzing many ecommerce mobile apps and got the layout and navigation tested from the marketing team as well. They recognize the challenges in designing and maintaining a mobile app, which was a big reason why they wanted to provide a ready mobile app solution for ecommerce store owners.

This mobile app for Magento comes with theme options so that you can make it look exactly like your web store. It is important for mobile apps and web stores to have a matching design language.

With voice and scanning technology being more in use, the Magento 2 mobile app has integrated those in the search bar so customers can shop simply by voice or by scanning a barcode.

This app gives you the flexibility to add and change images and products and with the dynamic layout function, the homepage layout would smartly arrange itself.

The convenience of mobile apps cannot be emphasized more. There is an unparalleled ease when it comes to shopping for items on the go, no matter what time of the day. Mobile ecommerce apps are the revolution that the concept of ecommerce needed. Now that there is an abundance of ecommerce stores, the need to get your store to the market fast is important. This makes buying a ready mobile app extension even more attractive rather than jumping through the hoops of creating one.

AppJetty is an ISO certified company that takes security very seriously. They have a team of Magneto certified developers and their expertise in app development has lead them to put the best of their experience in building this app.

Magento 2 app builder is available for iOS as well as Android.

If you want to know more about the features of Magento 2 App Builder, you can visit the AppJetty’s store page: https://www.appjetty.com/magento-magemob-app-builder.htm

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