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Appeals to stay in UK becomes expensive

Press Release: December 16, 2016

London, 15 December 2016:

Immigrants appealing through the courts for a right to remain in the UK will soon face a huge increase in procedural costs after the government announced fee hikes of over 500% for some types of appeal through the immigration and asylum tribunals. The fee for an oral hearing in the First-tier Tribunal will rise from £140 to £800 per person. At an as-yet unspecified date there will also be a brand new fee of £455, just for applying for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal if the first judge dismisses the appeal. There will then be another new fee of £510 to have that appeal heard if permission is granted.

The tribunals have the power to order repayment of the fee if the appeal succeeds, but appeals can drag on for two years or more. This will now leave even a successful appellant significantly out of pocket for a long time – up to £2,115 to reach an Upper Tribunal hearing. Double that for a couple appealing together. Treble it if they have a child. The government believes the new fees will generate £34m in income per year – but this of course depends on how many people are put off appealing by the fees.

When approached for some reaction on the current market scenario, many lawyers remarked that they are trying to work much harder during this stage than in previous years as the policies have been made significantly strict. Moreover, the lawyers are now strategising at the early stage of an application to come up with numerous options to present to clients. Agencies like Fusco Browne has been making the ways a little easier for the candidates by providing professional help and guidance to sail through the rough waters.

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