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Aplana at premier L&D event in London: results and takeaways from Learning Technologies 2017

Press Release: February 14, 2017

Bespoke software developer Aplana Software, a member of the I.T. Co Group of companies, participated in Europe’s largest and most popular learning sector event on 1st and 2nd February at Olympia in London.
The annual event, the Learning Technologies & Learning Skills 2017 exhibition, attracted more than 7,500 delegates from around the world including L&D and HR professionals, members of learning associations, and solutions providers.
The Aplana Software exhibition stand presented the company’s wide range of services and experience in software development, mobile app creation, data analytics, eContent authoring, and multilingual localization. For example, Aplana presented mobile applications that enable corporate users to learn using a variety of devices and mobile platforms. The company also demonstrated big data processing and deep data analytics services that will help corporations to better understand employees’ learning needs and develop specialized educational programs that meet those needs.
Two Aplana Software partner companies, IT Academy and Logrus Global, also presented at the joint stand. IT Academy showcased its large electronic content library and experience in implementing large-scale projects for corporate clients, including BP, Aeroflot, Gasprom Oil, and others. The IT Academy training center demonstrated CourseHub, its in-house developed MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform, which makes open, geographically-distributed learning projects possible. Logrus Global demonstrated its capabilities in multilingual translation and multimedia localization of presentations, flash catalogues, video clips, trailers, and interactive training courses.
“This is the first year Aplana Software has participated in the Learning Technologies exhibition and the international market, yet we have made a strong impact with our range of services for the eLearning sector, from electronic content libraries to learning management platform development and big data analytics”, said Igor Morozov, CEO at Aplana Software. “Our participation in this international tradeshow helped us understand that our services are not only competitive, but in many cases can surpass others – namely, the excellent skills of our developers and our deep expertise in large-scale distributed projects. Our joint stand attracted visitors from various industries with an interest in software development, customization services, and learner behavior analysis. We welcomed more than 200 visitors, and are already starting conversations with many of them, helping to find tailored solutions for their needs. Learning Technologies is a leading event of its kind, and our participation will help us find new business partners and advance our capabilities.”
Among the guests at the joint stand were visitors from Great Britain, European countries such as France, Italy, Latvia, Germany and Lithuania, the USA, and other nations. Visitors represented a range of sectors including eLearning, universities, HR and recruiting, finance, and the public sector.
Together, Aplana Software, IT Academy and Logrus Global demonstrated the wide scale of their business services and geography, potential for large-scale production, and capability to successfully implement complex learning projects within limited timeframes and to stringent international standards.
The positive response from show visitors has proven the high level of interest in Aplana Software technical solutions and the group’s readiness to sign contracts with new partners.

About Aplana Software Inc.:
International software services company Aplana Inc., a member of the I.T.Co. Group, has offered high quality software development, testing and maintenance services since 2001.
The company’s range of services includes big data processing and analysis, cloud competencies, IoT expertise, and mobile app development for various platforms. Aplana specialists have implemented more than 600 projects for companies all over the world.
Aplana serves leading technology companies, solution leaders for the hospitality industry, companies from the telecom, transportation and agribusiness sectors, and many others, including INRIX, Holstein UK, General Electric, TDSi, and Citation. Aplana has sales and representation offices in the UK, USA, and Germany, as well as production centers in Eastern Europe.

About IT Academy:
IT Academy, one of leading training and professional education centers in Russia and CIS, was founded in 1995 and is a member of the I.T.Co. Group of companies.
IT Academy provides solutions for a wide range of complex business challenges faced by public and commercial organizations of all sizes, from small businesses to corporations.
The IT Academy portfolio features more than 1,000 courses and programs covering IT education, business education, and tailored learning solutions. The company has strong expertise and significant experience in eLearning. The IT Academy training center is comprised of a network of 20 regional offices throughout Russia.

About Logrus Global:
The Logrus Global team has 25 years’ experience in the translation and localization industry, and provides multilingual localization services to many Fortune 500 companies. Logrus Global specializes in accurate, adequate, and culturally appropriate translations of training programs, documents, multimedia, web-sites, and games into more than 100 languages of the world, as well as adaptation of content for new target markets.
Logrus Global also offers design and engineering services, which go hand in hand with our multilingual translation to provide a complete package for training content and projects. Logrus Global clients list includes Thompson/MLG, Microsoft, Kaspersky, McDonalds and many others.
Logrus Global was named by Common Sense Advisory as a Top100 global localization service firm in 2016.

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