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APH Offer Expertise in the Field of Industrial Heating

Press Release: April 11, 2017

Leicester, England – PRFire.co.uk
Air Plants Heating offer quality equipment for heating industrial spaces such as Factories, Warehouses, Workshops, Production Areas, Garages Manufacturing and Mezzanine floors. Their equipment is believed to be of the best quality in the industry as they offer their clients to choose from several renowned brand choices such as Powrmatic, Benson, Ambirad, Winterwarm, Roberts Gordon and Combat.
Every business should pay attention to this factor as the safety and comfort of employees is of paramount importance and their discomfort can only result in reduced productivity. Air Plants Heating emphasises that the most important aspect of such systems is performance and for this reason they provide energy efficient systems which do not cause trouble after installation.
Due to the rising concern of climate change Air Plants Heating have acknowledged the need of providing heating solutions which do not contribute to the deterioration of the atmosphere. They now provide Commercial Biomass Boilers which are extremely efficient in heating large commercial spaces.
According to the CEO of Air Plants Heating, “Climate change is the biggest threat to our civilisation and all inhabitants of our planet and hence we offer eco-friendly heating solutions such as biomass boilers for heating industrial spaces. This is great for the consumers as well because they will be given quarterly payments according to the latest RHI scheme rolled out by the government to promote the use of renewable heating energy.”
Air Plants Heating has been providing quality heating and cooling solutions to businesses since 1897 which means they have a lot of experience in installing systems which have comforted employees and increased productivity of many industrial spaces. This experience has made them highly knowledgeable about the entire process of installing heating systems.
Engineers at APH have an accreditation from OFTEC which gives them the required expertise in dealing with such systems. Apart from biomass boilers they also provide air conditioning, evaporative cooling along with servicing and maintenance of installed systems.
To learn more about the company, visit their website http://www.airplantsheating.co.uk/
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