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AOI-INDIA Spring Summit 2020 (of Implantology) August 22nd and 23rd, 2020

Press Release: June 03, 2020


The Academy of Oral Implantology(AOI) is an organization formed to foster the interests and well-being of fellow implantologists in the field of dentistry. The body has been known to be a beacon of knowledge, of latest trends and techniques, in the world of Implantology.

Since no single implantologist can be well versed with everything that needs to be known, the organization promotes a team effort towards this learning activity whereby every single person gets to share and know more about a variety of experiences and methodologies thereof.

In light of this motto, AOI keeps on coming up with various innovative endeavors that are of great assistance to various medical professionals, especially dentists. One such remarkable endeavor is its renowned Spring Summit, which has been discussed in detail hereunder.

AOI-INDIA Spring Summit 2020 is one of the most awaited seminars held by the Academy of Oral Implantology in not just India but also Internationally. The summit holds great importance for those who seek to know more about the world of medical healthcare, especially Implantology.

The summit intends to showcase the latest trends in dentistry and is expected to be graced by the best Dentists, Doctors, and Researchers from various walks of life. This year it is being held in Chandigarh itself where AstoCare stands as it’s a proud sponsor.

The summit is very popular in the medical world. Not only does it showcase the latest trends in dentistry but it is also attended by the most renowned scientists, clinicians, researchers, and dentists.

This year the summit’s theme is, ‘Implantology Today’. All kinds of medical miracles and healthcare updates are going to be discussed here, making it a major highlight of this year.



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