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AnyTranscription Halloween Promotion: a Trick or a Treat?

Press Release: October 23, 2015

Are you ready to go trick and treating this Halloween? Are you filled with anticipation and excitement for the upcoming festive season? AnyTranscription has been ready for this for a long time and has been increasing its recruitment in preparation. From October 19 until November 2, AnyTranscription will launch its grand Halloween promotion, with users enjoying a discount of up to 30% off transcription services, new translation services as low as 0.03 $ US dollars per word, as well as up to two minutes of trial transcription services. Is this a trick or a treat?

With that question in mind, get a detailed understanding of what is involved in AnyTranscription’s grand Halloween sales promotion.

Quick and Professional Transcription Service
AnyTranscription has been offering transcription services since it was first established and has received extensive attention from online consultancy websites and social media platforms. The company’s well-trained and professional transcription team provides clients with fast and precise transcription services that ensure they receive the highest-quality work for the lowest prices. Having undergone continuous upgrading, the website satisfies clients’ requirements for online orders. With a simple three-step process of “order-payment-confirm” clients can immediately complete all their transcription demands. So anyone that wants to go wild this Halloween can do so without worrying about their transcription projects.

Rich and Affordable Translation Services
AnyTranscription launched its translation services this September, with main functions and services having already passed online testing. In the past, the company was primarily engaged in offline translation services, but now, for the first time, it brings these services online. AnyTranscription benefits from the over a decade of rich experience that Transn, its mother company, has accumulated in the field of language services, particularly its expertise in translating between English and Chinese. Primary translation services include audio or video translation and document translation. Prices are competitive are fair. Think how impressive it would be to conduct your Halloween trick or treats in multiple languages this year.

Two Minutes Trial Transcription Service
To meet the needs of more clients, AnyTranscription has launched its “Free to Try” special web page. Users can try out this transcription service online by simply signing up, uploading their file and downloading the finished product. Transcription trials are limited to audio or video files less than two minutes in length. If files exceed that limitation, only the first two minutes will be transcribed. As the spooky Halloween atmosphere descends, can you believe this is a treat and not a trick?

Seeing as you’ve eaten your candy apples, put on your costumes and gone out into the streets trick or treating, why not find out for yourself if AnyTranscription’s grand Halloween promotion is for real?

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