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Anyone can improve their earnings by 30% to 40% by unifying their web presence says Ant10a

Press Release: August 30, 2017

London, UK – August 27, 2017- If like me you are on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Ant10a says it fragments your story and distorts what viewers see about you online. Ant10a helps you centralise and unify your story helping you to tell it your way from your own domain name. Gaining control of your story and telling it your way statistically improves outcomes and earnings by 30% to 40%. If you are currently earning $60,000 as an individual you can expect your earnings to rise to $78,000 in a matter of months. Companies can also expect sharp and sustainable rises in income by unifying and streamlining their story in one centralised domain. You can use Ant10a if you are looking to improve your career prospects as an individual, to gain new customers as a small business and to leverage your employees’ stories to improve your sales as a large company.

Ant10a’s CEO Arun Joseph says “Ant10a makes an immediate impact and you don’t have to wait around for a long time to see sizeable improvements in sales growth for companies”. He says that the impact on individual’s can be equally rewarding as employers are able to see many more aspects that a CV does not reveal. Ant10a reveals the size, quality and influence that an individual is having on social networks so that a company is able to leverage this to their advantage while rewarding the individual for the direct impact they are having on sales.

Ant10a is on release for the UK, USA and India. Annual subscription costs for individuals are – UK £15 and for companies it starts at UK £50. “We offer 10 times as many useful features as About me and for less than a fifth of the cost” says Arun Joseph. Companies can also use Ant10a to re-engage their employees to improve productivity as well as to engage with their customers and thereby increase customer lifetime value and to improve profitability at no extra cost.

About Ant10a: www.ant10a.com is headquartered in Canary Wharf, London, UK. Ant10a operates in three countries, the UK, the USA and India, with offices and IT centres based at Trivandrum in India and at London.

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