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Antivirus Software South Africa - Combatting the Rise in Cybercrime

Press Release: March 01, 2021

Businesses and consumers alike across the globe have entered a new era, one that’s predominantly spent online. The global pandemic has kick-started the exodus to online spaces, and while customers would have once made the majority of their purchases in-store, almost all transactions and correspondence is now done online. And no activity online should come without the protection of internet security software.

Cybercrime on the Rise

Cybercriminals are all too aware that people are spending more time online, exchanging information and transactions more than ever before. A significant portion of this new audience is unfamiliar with the risks that come with doing business online, making them increasingly vulnerable to viruses, phishing, scams and other cyberattacks.

Information gathered by antivirus firms last year has revealed some alarming statistics, with the trend expected to only get worse as 2021 progresses. These statistics indicate:

  • 80% of businesses have seen an increase in cyberattacks in 2020
  • Globally, a cyberattack is attempted every 39 seconds.
  • In 21 countries across the world, 700 million people have experienced some form of cybercrime.
  • Projects for 2021 have indicated that the financial damages related to cybercrime come to an estimate of $6 trillion per year.
  • Ransomware attacks rose rapidly by 148% in March 2020.
  • Attacks on the Cloud increased by 630% between January and April 2020.
  • More than 80% of reporting cyberattacks alone are phishing attacks.
  • Phishing attempts have risen by more than 660% since the start of the pandemic.
  • 55% of online attacks are orchestrated by organized crime gangs.
  • Two in five small and midsized businesses have been the victims of ransomware attacks.

All parties stand the risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks, regardless of their device or prominence. Personal users and consumers are just as vulnerable as businesses of all sizes. Similarly, any device that can store information and access the internet, such as cellphones, servers, computers, tablets and laptops can be targeted by criminals.

Antivirus in the Defense Against Cybercrime

Equipping yourself with the latest antivirus software in South Africa is how you can protect yourself and your business from viruses and cyber-attacks online. Whether you’re shopping, browsing or streaming online, antivirus software is your first line of defence. 

But how does it work? Antivirus security software runs scans on your device checking for viruses based on the database of known viruses. Similarly, antivirus software will work with your designated browser to prevent you from accessing harmful sites or downloading infected content. 

Our team at ESET has gone above and beyond to develop antivirus software that provides 100% protection for your device. While cybercriminals are constantly updating and reformating their viruses and malware to break through antivirus security, ESET’s antivirus software makes use of heuristics and machine learning to identify threats on your device.

ESET antivirus software is also intricately designed, consisting of a range of protective technology that can detect, block and remove malware and viruses on your device that cybercriminals use to:

  • Spy on your device
  • Keylog everything you type
  • Mine cryptocurrency on your device
  • Encrypt your device without your control
  • Extract information from your device
  • Steal your credentials
  • Spam your device and accounts
  • Scam you for your money or information

How to Use your Antivirus Software

Internet security software is generally easy to use, and our security development team at ESET  have gone out of their way to make our antivirus software innovative and userfriendly. Our software features an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to run regular scans and updates for your device.

And with our cloud-based scanning software, these security scans won’t slow down your device, a common shortfall for antivirus software. Scans and updates are essential for protecting your device, and your antivirus software is only effective when kept up to date and used regularly.

Secure Your Information and Protect your Devices with ESET

Antivirus software should be available to all users. We offer a range of antivirus software packages in South Africa to accommodate your online browsing. These software packages also include innovative extra features to protect your devices, such as device encryption, anti-theft protection, and advanced diagnostic tools for custom scans. Browse and install our antivirus software to protect your online browsing and transactions in the new normal, securing your devices for everyday use online.

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