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Antibody invention a hope against ovarian cancer

Press Release: April 19, 2010

The latest medical statistics reveal the fact that a massive range of female population is getting triggered from ovarian cancer. Ovarian cancer refers to the accumulation or triggering of cancer cells in the ovaries. Ovaries are reproductive glands in female body that produce eggs for reproduction.

There are different types of ovarian tumors that can get triggered they include, epithelial, germ cell and stromal tumors. These tumors are the cancerous cells that cause ovarian cancer. Although there are numerous treatments and medications that are formulated to deal with ovarian cancer, a new invention has been made where certain antibodies has been revealing their properties of treating ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer has been termed as the major killer of women, as per the latest research, AD5-10 antibody works as a superior element in weakening the resistance of cancer cells in the immune system. The newly found antibody work in reducing the resistance these tumor cells through improving the natural resistance power of the immune system. This AD5-10 antibody works in eliminating the existence of cancerous cells.

Younger women if diagnosed with ovarian cancer have got increased risk of survival. Ovarian cancer is difficult to treat unless it is detected at early stage. The treatments have shown long term survival rates with moderate improvement. The rate of improvement after treatment highly depends on personal differences. A female having a good immune system and resistance power will recover faster as compared to others who have no proper immune system.

According to the statistics, women diagnosed with ovarian cancer are less than 30, they have shown increased survival rate as compared to those who are diagnosed after 50. There is high level of possibility of getting detected by this cancer if diagnosed at early stage. As the immune system and resistance power of middle aged people or females is pretty good to cope up with the disease. Ovarian cancer is the most fatal disease that affects the reproductive organ of the women. According to the mortality statistics, the fatal rate of females in consistently increasing as far as ovarian cancer is concerned.

The new hope has been invented in the form of an anti-body that works in destroying the cancerous cells that can rapidly damage the reproductive organ and can also be the basic reason for women mortality. The tumor cells become sensitive to the AD5-10 antibody, this medical boon attaches itself to various parts of the cancer cells and then they attack on these cells making them weak to function. These cells then start alleviating and the chances of getting cured increases.

The AD5-10 antibody has shown a positive result in eliminating the resistance to carboplatin, a common chemotherapy agent. With this antibody a new hope has been emerged which boosts the confidence of females about getting cured by ovarian cancer. The cell cultures make it possible to show the combined effects of AD5-10 and carboplatin. This will provide with the clear idea about how this antibody works.

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