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Anti-termite Treatment Precautions – Dos and Don’ts

Press Release: October 15, 2020

When all kinds of hacks, disinfectants and DIYs fail to work that one opts for anti-termite treatment. Anti-termite treatment can be done on property and is best to do during its construction stage - Anti-termite treatment in construction.

Now for best results from the anti-termite treatment, it is important to follow some precautions. These are generic anti-termite treatment precautions following which ensures best outcome of the anti-termite treatment and safety of the people associated with it.

This list of anti-termite treatment is compiled by ITEM Secure. ITEM Secure offers anti-termite treatment in India and is recognized as one of the top pest control companies India.

Dos on Anti-Termite Treatment Day


Keep the following away from the pest control site:

·         Pregnant women

·         Breast feeding women

·         Old members

·         Physically challenged

·         Sick and needy

·         Babies and Children

·         Pets

·         Allergic/Asthma patients


Convey to the pest control company, the following information:

·         Kind of pests bothering you

·         Area of pest contamination

·         Number of members in the house

·         Last date of pest control service (if applicable)


Do stay from the anti-termite treatment site up to 3-hours of the pest control service.


Take recommendation from the service provider about any termite pest control products/disinfectant that you can use on daily basis for extra precaution after the service.


Vacuum the pest controlled area when you return back.


Wash all utensils and wipe all kitchen goods after the service.


Tightly close all doors, windows and outlets of the property being pest controlled.


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Don’ts’s on Anti-Termite Treatment Day


Don’t keep any food item open. Try to vacate kitchen shelves and refrigerator.


Interfere when the pest control service is going on. All instructions should be discussed with the service provider in advance


Don’t choose pest control service provider on the basis of pricing only. Often extremely low cost pest control service turns ineffective. Thus, choose anti-treatment company who is reputed and offers effective services.


Don’t mop the floor till 24 hours of the anti-termite service.


Try not to schedule pest control service on rainy days.


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