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Anthony Scaramucci Returns to Indie Comedy Web Series with a Quarantine Pep-Talk

Press Release: July 01, 2020

Anthony Scaramucci Returns to Indie Comedy Web Series with a Quarantine Pep-Talk

Creator & Comedian, Todd Montesi, Brings “The Mooch” Back with Cameo App in the Latest PN and Friends episode: The Quarantine Years, Pt. 1

NEW YORK, NY (July 1, 2020) — Brooklyn-based web series PN and Friends releases its 3rd episode featuring former White House Communications Director of 11 days, Anthony Scaramucci. Series creator, Todd Montesi (HBO, Comedy Central, TBS) uses Cameo App to send Scaramucci specific lines to be recorded in a video message; the result is ‘The Mooch,’ an even more exaggerated version of Scaramucci himself.  

The web series follows PN, a loveable loser played by Montesi, who’s on his way to becoming a “winner” with the help of his eccentric family and friends. The latest episode The Quarantine Years, Pt. 1,’ finds our characters doing about as well as anyone else in The City during The Great Pandemic. 

The episode brings together most of the series characters as they portray the real-life personages we’ve all (virtually) interacted with during these uncertain times. 

  • The #woke hipster millennial played by Kenzie Klem.
  • The desperate hustling actor played by Keith Mackler.
  • The ornery neurotic New York native played by David “The Voice“ Stein.
  • The sleazy Brooklyn tech bro played by Ian Ghent.
  • The Bridge and Tunnel average Joe played by Nick Fraley.
  • The pretentious LES playboy played by Patrick Reidy.
  • The old school NYC mom of a clingy adult son played by Jody Oliver.
  • The stripper looking for love online played by Christy Monroe.
  • The family member who overstayed their welcome and established tenancy played by Taiger Williams.
  • The scapegoat of a long-term friend group played by Anthony Crescenzo.
  • The dad of two who is merely existing played by Geoff Lerer.
  • The guy who, not so subtlety, hates his friends played by David Hoj.
  • The wannabe reality star and Instagram influencer played by Melissa Weisman.
  • The COVID-19 Pandemic attorney who specializes in frivolous lawsuits played by Joe Pontillo.
  • The TikTok personality and member of a 2-person Insta Pod played by Anthony Liranzo.
  • The inspirational speaker, spirit guide, and exalted one, Anthony "The Mooch" Scaramucci

This collection of picaresque oddballs will remind you of the classic sitcoms we know and love.

Montesi shows creators that despite limited resources quarantine can be a fertile ground for captivating comedic art. All you need is a smartphone, Zoom, some funny friends and “The Mooch.” Enjoy the latest installment of PN and Friends!  

The Quarantine Years, Pt. 1 



Todd Montesi is a comedian/writer/producer from Brooklyn, NY. He has been on HBO, Comedy Central, TBS, etc. He also produces daily comedic content online, and is currently producing his acclaimed sitcom web series PN and Friends on his Youtube channel MONTIKILLAVISION. During quarantine, he has been hosting @ugcomedyshow's daily comedic chat show on Instagram Live. For more information about Todd, check him out on IMDb, Instagram, and Facebook.

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