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Another Successful ATP Type Approval For The Sprint Motor Hire

Press Release: May 01, 2019

BIRMINGHAM, London, April 2019 - Sprint Motor Hire, Birmingham motor hire company’s newly expanded refrigerated vehicle fleet is built on the securing of an ATP-type approval. This approval allows for additional sizes of refrigerated vehicles to be added to the already impressive fleet offered by Sprint Motor Hire, giving consumers the chance to move anything they need to have transported - including food and beverages.

It won’t be hard for consumers to keep their cool this spring and summer, thanks to Sprint Motor Hire’s increased offerings.

Sprint Motor Hire has long been the foremost name in Birmingham transportation rental, offering a wide variety of vehicles for consumers to choose from to meet their every need. Adding more refrigerated options to this extensive fleet is all part of the mission that Sprint makes a priority - providing more resources so consumers don’t need to waste time shopping with any other motor hire company.
Why Extend Offerings to Include Refrigerated Vehicles?
A company executive shared that ”This move isn’t limited to temporarily replacing vehicles or providing larger transportation accommodations for moving, travel, or other events. Today’s consumers are moving more than just themselves when they hire a vehicle. “
Whether it’s to bring food to a special event or transport temperature-sensitive items across a long distance, fridge van hire has become an increasing request for motor hire companies in recent years. Sprint Motor Hire is happy to be among the first to offer more than a single option for refrigerated transport, giving consumers more choices and more reasons to choose this company for their event planning and other motor hire needs.

Keeping Your Cool On the Move
How well do refrigerated transport methods work? Today’s best models boast refrigeration as low as -18 degrees centigrade, making them suitable for everything from safe food storage to proper handling of delicate pharmaceuticals. These vehicles also have features that allow them to be loaded hours in advance - even the night before a trip, if necessary - making it easier for consumers to meet their transportation needs and scheduling goals.

More than Just a Fridge Van Hire
Of course, consumers can do more than just hire a refrigerated vehicle when they go through Sprint Motor. One of the biggest benefits of today’s motor rental fleets expanding to offer refrigerated vehicles is that they can be hired alongside regular vans and trucks. This gives consumers the resources they need to cover their transportation needs from every angle and ensure that every person and item that they need to have moved can be transported safely and comfortably.

For more information on available rentals and how refrigerated transport can make the difference for your next event, contact Sprint Motor Hire.

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