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Annova Launches New Appliances for Kitchen & Home

Press Release: March 13, 2018

Wembley, England – Annova.biz has announced the release of its new collection of electronic products. The latest range features world-renowned brands: Kenwood and Braun. The line-up launched contains electronic products like Food Processors, Blenders, Kettles, Can Openers and a lot more.
Annova.biz expects the new range to help its established customer base discover new items that can make their everyday tasks simpler. It also believes the addition of new products to its already rich catalogue will open the doors to new customers. Primarily, the latest range focuses on tools used by homemakers. With the exception of Braun steam iron, all the products are food processing appliances.

The New Line-up

The new line-up contains a variety of tools catered towards homemakers. The list of the launched products includes the following appliance categories:

Blenders – Blenders are used for mixing, purée, or emulsifying food and other substances. The new collection comprises blenders from Kenwood and Braun. This range provides you with the option to order a medium- to high-powered blender for accomplishing a variety of kitchen tasks. You can select between hand blenders and blenders cum chopper with different power ratings as per your requirements.

Hand Mixers – Hand Mixers offer ergonomic comfort and convenience for quick and easy baking preparations. The newly launched Braun HM3100 Multimix 3 Hand Mixer can be an excellent addition to your kitchen making your daily cooking tasks simpler than ever before. It makes use of SmartMix technology, which places the motor directly over the attachments vertically to direct the weight into the bowl.
This relieves pressure from your hands and ensures total comfort during operations.

Smoothie Makers – The new range features smoothie makers from Kenwood that are high on functionality and low in price. By extracting the maximum nutrition from fruits and vegetables, the latest smoothie makers provide you a healthy and delicious smoothie every single time.

Steam Irons – Besides, kitchen-specific products, the range also features steam irons that make the tough ironing job easy. The high-quality steam irons are manufactured by Braun. Braun SI7042BK BLACK Textstyle7 PRO Steam Iron is one of the best steam irons in the collection that creates 60% more steam than other irons and effectively removes stubborn wrinkles quickly and easily.

Other Products – The range also includes Juicers, Kettles, Food Processor and Can Openers that can be used for accomplishing daily tasks in the kitchen. Each product comes with a stamp of quality and performs well in different living spaces.

About Annova.biz

Annova.biz is an online store based in the UK. It specializes in selling a variety of electronic products. On the Annova.biz’s online portal, you will find Consumer Electronics, Headphones, Camcorder & Camera Accessories, DJ Equipment, Microphones, Blank Media –DVD-R, CD-R, Blu-ray discs, Electrical Plugs and Switches, Personal Care & Healthcare Products and Accessories. All the goods are sourced from reputed brands like Panasonic, JVC, Sony, Pioneer, Philips, TDK, Superswitch, Babyliss, Verbatim, Hama, Omron, and Remington.

Advantages of Ordering From Annova.biz

Annova.biz has always provided reliable customer support in the past and you can expect the same level of assistance for the new products. The new collection of electronic products, just like other Annova.biz collections, is priced competitively and comes with free shipping in the UK. It is also possible to place an order from outside the UK; however, charges for shipping, may be applied as per the company policy.
The wide range of electronic appliances at Annova.biz has only gotten wider with this new announcement. It is the perfect time to visit Annova.biz’s online portal for discovering an appliance that can make your daily tasks easier. Get same day delivery of your purchased item and enhance your kitchen experience today.

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