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Announcing the World’s Premier Preparedness Event- REDI Expo

Press Release: March 26, 2020

Atlanta March 26, 2020 — ZJ Events, LLC, a New York based company and event organizer, has dramatically changed the course of their business in response to the coronavirus outbreak. In an effort to affect positive, global change, their team has envisioned a brand new event- one with the goal of educating the public on how to be prepared for anything- even in the most difficult of situations.


REDI Expo is the world’s premier preparedness event. Its acronym, REDI, stands for exactly what the organizers want their attendees to be- Ready, Educated, Determined, and Innovative in the face of a challenge. With an emphasis on education, it is set to feature qualified speakers from professors, experienced preppers, to government officials and more, who will provide information vital to making key decisions that help best prepare the public for the future.


“We’re feeling the effects from the coronavirus, big time,” said Jason Monti, one of the founders of REDI, when asked about the state of the events industry. “With convention centers closing across the country, so many businesses like ours are having to close their doors, too,” he remarked, about the economic issues the viral outbreak has caused. “Instead of putting our heads down, we’re tackling it head on. We think having an event that helps people prepare for the future is the right thing to do.” Monti has created countless successful events in the past decade, and is using his experience to create something positive out of a difficult situation.


Their ultimate goal is to create a better, more prepared world, and mitigate the negative effects of a disastrous event, such as COVID-19, can have on society. The event will also host hundreds of leading humanitarian organizations, relief funds, NGOs and more at Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia, from September 25-27, 2020.  


To learn more about REDI, visit them at https://rediexpo.com. 


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