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Announcing The New Cosmetri Enterprise Private SaaS Plan

Press Release: October 30, 2015

Cosmetri's software-as-a-service (SaaS) model is the future of software - agile, cost effective and low maintenance. We understand however that larger cosmetic companies often have more complex data integration requirements and security policies that require sensitive data to be hosted on their own server. 'Old school' on-premise software with ‘per user’ license restrictions and other hidden fees can make enterprise-wide software expensive – not least because of the requirements for IT infrastructure provision, burdensome maintenance and costly upgrades. So what's the solution? How can companies receive the advantages of SaaS while retaining control of their data?

Announcing the new Enterprise Private SaaS plan – all the benefits of SaaS, with the additional peace of mind and flexibility of hosting your enterprise's data and files on your company’s own web server.

The new plan offers unlimited users and products for an all-inclusive price as low as €152.15 +VAT per month with no hidden costs or binding contracts. *

More control, greater flexibility

The Enterprise Private SaaS puts your data in your hands, enabling you to integrate your business data with Cosmetri, making interaction possible with other cloud-based apps as well as legacy on-premise applications and databases. Your own in-house IT staff will have direct access to the mySQL database holding your Cosmetri data, enabling custom connectors to be developed by them to integrate with your ERP. We can support you by providing a full database schema to enable custom mappings of tables and fields between Cosmetri and your applications.

Enterprise clients are of course responsible for the security of their own server, any server hosting costs, as well as ensuring that regular backups are created of the Cosmetri database and files.

Setup is as easy as 1-2-3

To setup your account all that is required is a dedicated mySQL database and FTP user, with the ability to connect securely via https:// to documents stored in the directory you specify on your server.

Once you have signed up you’ll receive an activation email and a secure link to provide us with your database and FTP credentials, which are transmitted and stored using the highest level of 256-bit encryption.

Click here - http://www.cosmetri.com/enterpise-private-saas/ to sign up or contact Cosmetri if you have any questions.

* Based on annual plan price. Enterprise Private SaaS customers provide access to their own designated web server space, accessible via https:// and are thus responsible for security, backup and maintanence of their own server as well as any associated costs.

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