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Announcing the launch of a new website to kick start India’s “Gig Economy”

Press Release: May 19, 2015

TheWorkster.com a website developed and promoted by partners Abhishek Arya and Rashmi Shukla, provides a platform to individuals and freelancers in India to showcase and sell their creative and professional talent to businesses all over the country and boosts their personal earning potential.

This website covers all kinds of creative and professional services like designing, creative advertising, content writing, business services, music and more. The main objective of this website is to provide unique and innovative services to businesses which are not available elsewhere in the market at affordable prices. One such example is t-shirt advertising. Students and youngsters can enroll themselves as t-shirt advertisers and wear a particular brand’s t-shirt at a specified place for a specified duration for a predetermined sum of money. Although this task sounds pretty simple and straightforward, it has the potential to generate unparalleled interest amongst customers and allows marketers to break advertising clutter. These services allow students and youngsters to earn extra money and save marketers expenses on expensive advertising services resulting in a win-win for both!

Value Proposition for Buyers
•The Workster offers a large pool of talented freelancers who have been tried and rated by other buyers
•The ability to post a task and invite bids from freelancers enables buyers to find the best possible price for their tasks
•Opens up innovative avenues for businesses in areas such as advertising and promotion, creativity, design, business services and technology

Value Proposition for Sellers
•An ideal place for freelancers to list their services and advertise their talent to a bigger audience
•Sellers can choose the price for which they are willing to do a service
•Maximizes the earning potential of sellers

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