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Announcing Online Ordering System for Small and Mid Level Stores

Press Release: March 11, 2021

Elluminati Inc., a leading on-demand app development company, recently announced that it had developed a new technology solution for small and mid-level stores that can make their online presence strong and streamline business operations while improving customers’ experience.

Online Ordering System, a simple and user-friendly solution for small and medium stores that enable users to place orders online and get them delivered at their location in no time. The complete advanced level solution developed for grocery store owners, restaurants, and supermarket chains is a fully scalable, customizable, and cost-effective solution for those who are looking for a readymade software to take their store online.

An Online Ordering System comes with a feature-reach solution that works across all devices without any friction.

Our Online Ordering System allows store owners and restaurants to accept, manage, and deliver orders placed through a website or app by customers. It consists of three main components.

First is a website for customers to view and place an order online. The second is the admin dashboard for the store owners to manage and monitor all business activities. And third for the delivery providers to accept and deliver products to consumers.

“We provide you solution that let you deliver products at your fingertips “

More than just online ordering and delivery, it also comes with powerful marketing features such as loyalty, chatbot assistant, geo-location push messaging, and user targeting. Today, entrepreneurs persistently eager to deliver a better customer experience want to collect useful data and engage consumers that ultimately boost sales and generate leads.

In response to the factors like digitalization, evolving consumer expectations, and technology updates, leveraging an Online Ordering System for your business will help you deliver a seamless user experience and maximize your ROI within a short time.

“We had already recognized the huge potential of the Online Ordering System and the significant benefits they offer to small and medium level businesses who are looking to maximize their customer base, automate business operations or boost profit,” says Deep Moteria, CEO and Founder of Elluminati Inc.

Regardless to say, in this digital and competitive era of business, where staying ahead in the market is a necessity, not an option, an Online Ordering System plays a pivotal role. It lets you automate business operations and expand business reach on time. Our Online Ordering System is quick, easy to set up, fully dynamic, multi-platform, and comes with multiple payments and language options so that you can easily set up a store in your own local language and give your customers a personalized feel.

Our Online Ordering System developed by skilled developers aims to deliver a seamless experience to customers, store owners, and delivery providers. The prime motto behind developing an Online Ordering System is to help startups scale, automate, and expand their business at the global level.

Moreover, an Online Ordering System is notably developed in such a way that it offers a comprehensive, user-friendly outlook. Living in the connected era, we all know how much it is important to stay afloat in the business market. Whether you are running a small restaurant, retail store, pizzeria, cafe, or pharmacy shop, our Online Ordering System is a one-stop solution for all your digital requirements, which enables you to take your business online with a single point of contact.

From offering exciting and modern features to a delightful customer experience, the Online Ordering System bags a powerful admin panel to monitor all the business activities. The admin can gain complete insights and control over transactions, deliveries, customers, delivery providers, product list, reporting, and analytics.

As an experienced and trusted on-demand app development company, Elluminati offers an exhaustive range of digital solutions and applications that could help brands, SMEs, and medium-scale enterprises automate their business operations and reinforce their profit.

If you are running a store, restaurant, pharmacy shop, or supermarket, then our Online Ordering System is a top-notch digital solution where you can take your business online in a cost-effective manner and achieve desired outcomes.

So why to wait? Hurry up and just have a look at Elluminati Inc's online ordering platform. To know more about the Online Ordering System, you can write at sales@elluminatiinc.com 

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