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ANNA MORGUN increases prices

Press Release: June 15, 2020

Luxury fashion brand ANNA MORGUN announced increasing prices-changes will affect all the markets of the brand. This decision was caused with the rise in the cost of raw materials amid Covid 19 pandemic.

CEO of the label has confirmed the price rise increase up to 25%. This price hike will take globally and plans harmonies them across the different market from Europe to Chine.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Price increases is said to range 15-25%
  • They will affect all the lines of the brand

“Like all luxury brands we regularly adjust our prices to take changes in our production costs and exchange rate functions, as well as raw material prices, into account. These changes helping us in price harmonization and ensure we avoid excessive price differentials all around the world” explained designer of the brand miss Morgun.

Some fashion sites have already shared detailed before and after prices of the various models. For example couture line by ANNA MORGUN got the biggest price increase, all pieces now 25% more expensive in comparison Pret-a-Porter line increased 15-20%.

Office of ANNA MORGUN announced changes from June 15 and promised that price range might be revised but not towards discounts or downgrades.

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