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Animation Explainers Limited Announces International Expansion

Press Release: March 03, 2021

Animation Explainers Ltd. on the Isle of Man, the leader in animated explainer video production for small and mid-size businesses, has announced their further international expansion beyond the UK market, to serve the explosive growth in worldwide demand for B2B animation solutions. 

Rapid growth
Launched in 2018 on the Isle of Man, Animation Explainers expanded quickly by opening offices to serve British, Irish and Canadian clients in 2019. Last year, the company produced over 200 corporate video projects, and this year they're on track to double their production and headcount.

According to co-founder Dylan Healy, their rapid expansion is driven by the need to explain and demonstrate complex products and services – especially since so many business operations are now working remotely following the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Businesses need an affordable way to quickly engage people and give them the information they need, and short animated videos are the perfect way to do that,” said Dylan. “Although some business owners try to make their own videos in-house, our advantage is the professional quality of our animations and the professional service we offer our clients.

Co-founder Aaron Connolly added: “The secret to our success is that we provide the most comprehensive corporate video production service. It includes scriptwriting, storytelling, and – most importantly – expert animation that grips viewers' attention. Our production quality is what helps clients sell their products and services so well.” 

The company has continued to grow quickly, and now serves Canada. They plan to expand even further in the near future to serve the UAE, Australia and add more sales agents for North America later this year.

Animation Explainers Canada
Led by award-winning video production executive Jessica O’Neill, Animation Explainers Canada provides businesses throughout the region with effective and affordable results. “For Canadian clients, we produce client videos using perfect English or French accents in audio voice overs to reach exactly the right target audiences. Clients are glad to know they can work with us in their local languages and dialects, no matter where they are worldwide.”

Staff expansion
To meet the fast-growing demand for animated video production, Animation Explainers is also ramping up its production, administrative, and marketing staff. Noteworthy among recent promotions is that of Hugo O'Connor, one of AE's most talented young project managers. Hugo is a rising star who has already proved his ability to produce highly successful results for clients worldwide. 

Major international client list
As their video production has doubled, AE's list of major clients has also grown. They've scaled up to new verticals including cybersecurity, telecom, insurance, and medical device companies. Significant blue-chip clients include:
  • AIG
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • TD Bank
  • Munich Re
  • Viatel 
  • Fonolo 
  • Appier.com
  • Adventist Risk Management Inc.
  • ISA Cybersecurity 
  • Impellam Group
  • University College Dublin

Looking ahead
Going forward in 2021, the company is preparing to launch its new Hosting & Reporting Package. This is a comprehensive new suite of client services, including video-content reporting and hosting tools to help businesses track, analyze, and manage their video content for maximum ROI.  Likewise, they’ve also added two bespoke, customized packages -- Premium and Medical -- to meet the needs of medical practices and biomedical device companies across North America. 

As Dylan noted, “We already rank on Clutch.co as one of the world's leading explainer video production companies. For us, 2021 is all about keeping up with the growing demand for animated video production services, while expanding our reach to new audiences around the world.”


To learn more about Animation Explainers Ltd., contact media@animationexplainers.com 

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