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Angular certification Training tells one why HTML is needed for accessibility features

Press Release: July 17, 2020

Essentiality of Enabling Accessibility covered in Angular certification Training 

Angular certification Training would explain the essentiality for the accessibility in Angular applications. A developer has to always think about the conditions of others especially for the disabled and the elderly population, It would be beneficial for the aged population as they may not ne able to interact with the application as they did in their younger days anymore. Hence, Angular certification training emphasizes on the accessibility features.

Applying Plain HTML in Angular Applications covered in Angular certification Training

An Angular certification Training would tell you that the best way to bring about accessibility in Angular applications is to apply the simple and plain old HTML for the specific purpose, In other words developers should concentrate on developing more meaningful or semantic HTML. For the sole reason that HTML elements are always used by assistive technologies for multiple purposes, developers must ensure that HTML is executed rightly in various Angular Applications. An angular certification training would tell one more about this.



Why is it essential to use simple HTML in Angular applications explained in Angular certification Training?

There are various reasons to simple HTML in Angular applications for various reasons. They are included in Angular certification Training. They are:

1. In-built key board accessibility

Angular certification Training would always remind Angular developers of the fact that the elements of HTML have in-built keyboard accessibility. When professionals use native HTML elements on an application, the buttons on the app are clickable on the keyboard. Furthermore, limited elements are also navigable through the keyboard. That’s how Angular training shows that HTML element enable accessibility. However, if a developer creates controls with other elements, they have to carry out the accessibility feature b themselves.

2. Well-defined content structure with headings, paragraphs, lists, etc

Angular certification training would tell one that structure of the content is used by screen readers to navigate from one page to the. Let us give you an example. Majority of the screen readers develop an extra menu from the headings on the page which will enable their users to navigate to any heading at the page. So, HTML elements are ideal for a well-defined content structure with headings, paragraphs, lists.

3. Need for exclusion of table layouts

Angular certification Training is not the only one to tell one that tables are created for the purpose of displaying structured data. Yet, developers in the present times are using tables for another purpose: creating layouts, As a result, it may to unstructured content read from the screen readers. This would lead to no accessibility. However, some screen readers do differentiate between data tables and layout tables. But still angular certification training would tell one to use HTML elements to be on the safer side.



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