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Angelcreatives’ Debut Single ‘Hello Anthem’ Raises Health Awareness

Press Release: October 05, 2019

"Hello Anthem" inspires lifelong health and wellness. Boston-based music creatives are excited to release a new song to help educate the public about the importance of staying healthy. After much research on the power of music, Angelcreatives created a song "Hello Anthem" as an opportunity to inspire listeners to take care of their well-being. They researched music trends and were inspired by Michael Jackson’s single "Heal the World" to write health conscious songs. Recently, they were inspired by Adele’s Grammy-winning single "Hello" to write a catchy greeting song which carries a timeless message of health and wellness to the world.

"Hello Anthem" is a timeless and catchy greeting song that continues to inspire millions of adults and children around the world to achieve lifelong health and wellness. The single is a catchy tune, similar to the "Happy Birthday" song in its length, simplicity, and repetitiveness. This quality lends the song as friendly to people of all ages. "Hello Anthem" lyrics have a deeper meaning. Hello is an acronym related to health wellness affirmation.

"It's a lovely sound and the tune is catchy. Just what you want...I like The Wellness Anthem best. I could easily see cancer survivors, their families, and caregivers joining hands and singing. Maybe singing at a relay for life in the dark with candles." - Nick Kachulis.

"10. This is a cool sound, it's happy, lively, just makes you feel good instantly. Lyrics are catchy, which along with the also catchy music make for a song that will stay on your mind, long after listening to it."

"This is really happy and uplifting. Love the vibe that it procures. Helps me find peace. love.  I would recommend it for sure."

Visit Angelcreatives online. Fans may purchase music online from dozens of digital retailers including, iTunes and Amazon.

New single available to radio programmers worldwide on Spins Tracking System and AirplayAccess.

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Angelcreatives are Boston-based music creatives who joined the music scene in 2015. In April, Angelcreatives ‘Hello Anthem’ single was number 7 on the pop charts here and has been played and downloaded by thousands of DJs here.

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