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Analysis Legal Employment Law Solicitor’s Services Bring Fair Judgment for Employees

Press Release: September 23, 2015

Employers tend to offer settlement agreement to employers after the employee has found out that they are being made redundant. A settlement agreement details the terms under which compensation will be given to the employee in return for their agreement to several conditions. Settlement agreements are part of employment law and are put into place to help avoid any claim for unfair dismissal being brought against employers. Settlement agreements are often put into place when employees are not performing well at their jobs or have been found to behave in an unprofessional way that is seen as professional misconduct. With the acceptance of a settlement agreement, employees will receive a certain amount of money in return for the termination of their job.

Settlement agreements signify a certain amount of compromise from both the employer and the employee for sudden termination of a job, and compensation of potential losses covered by an agreed sum of money. The law surrounding settlement agreements has changed recently to allow employers and employees to have a full and frank conversation regarding pre-settlement negotiation. Settlement agreements now protect this conversation from public disclosure, and helps to protect employers from claims of unfair dismissal. Once an employee has accepted a settlement agreement, they are then unable to proceed with an unfair dismissal case against their employer.

Throughout the whole settlement process, the employer has to pay a few legal costs to ensure the process is carried out fairly. This means that it may be necessary for the employee and the employer to get some expert professional advice from a qualified legal employment law expert. It is important for employees to get advice, as accepting a settlement agreement removes any chance for them to take up a claim against their employer for discrimination or unfair dismissal about their termination. The settlement agreement clearly depicts the actual reason for the dismissal, and the fact that the employee has waived any rights to an unfair dismissal claim. The monetary agreement that comes as part of the settlement agreement should be used by the employee to meet their living expenses until they can find a new job.

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